Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Three Corners Of Ron Johnson's Mouth

You've heard of people talking out of both corners of their mouth? Ron Johnson takes that one step further and has added a third corner to his mouth.

On Wednesday, Ron "Sunspots" Johnson appeared on CNN's Starting Point when he channeled his inner John McCain and claimed that the nation's economy was doing OK when President Barack Obama took office:
Senator Johnson says, “The reason we're not creating those jobs is because of the choices, the policies, that President Obama took. You know, because here is the fact: he did not come into office with the economy in a free fall. We were losing jobs, but the fact is, within two months, we entered the second quarter, we only lost 0.7 percent GDP. But the economy bottomed out and then we started recovery the third quarter.”

O’Brien asks, “You don't think the economy was in free fall then?”

Sen. Johnson answers, “No. The economy began to recover in the third quarter. It'd basically flattened out by the second quarter and it actually grew close to 4 percent the next three quarters. But then President Obama's policies took effect and they started scaring consumers and business owners and as a result the economy totally stalled.”
This is the same Ron Johnson who said two years ago that Obama wasn't doing enough to stop the free fall he just said wasn't happening (emphasis mine):
“His point is . . . the climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China than it is in the U.S here. I think we have created such a high level of uncertainty in this economy, because quite honestly of the agenda that Senator Feingold represents. What did they do? When they (the Obama administration) first came into office, rather than really attack the economic problem, they spent the first year plus, trying to take over one sixth of the economy, the health care bill.
And this is the same Ron Johnson who also said on June 7, 2010, while on the Jerry Bader show:
And, no, I totally agree with you, I mean, we are…we are going to harm what recovery, would inevitably happen anyway. I mean that’s…one of the things that is, gonna kind of turn my stomach is the…is kind of like the rooster crowing and taking credit for the dawn. You know, we had such a severe recession it’s almost inevitable to turn up.
The fact is that the economy was indeed taking a nosedive and that Obama's policies had kept the country from falling into a Second Great Depression.

But per Johnson, Obama wasn't doing enough to stop the free fall that wasn't happening and would get credit for it.

If I didn't know better, I'd think that Kevin Binversie was still his researcher and feeding him this crap.


  1. Our Wisconsin friends are the people we really should be watching rather than the Romney Ryan show tour here.

  2. "Only" 0.7 percent GDP? That ain't peanuts, buster! (Even if he's right on the number.)

  3. Hey Ron, how is that Chinese "business certainty" going now that workers are rioting inside their factories?

  4. So is Communist economic planning a good thing or a bad thing? It seems he praises China for stability due to their economic planning then accuses Obama of taking over the health care system asserting economic planning causes destabilization. So which one is it?