Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tommy's Hail Mary!

Tommy Thompson sunk his campaign yesterday by coming out with this ad.  

No one alive on 9/11 will ever forget that day(well most of us wont anyway), it fundamentally changed our country.  We came together, albeit for a short time, as a country and supported each other in this time of need.    Unfortunately, the Bush Administration squandered this important time and used it to gain political advantage.   One of the main members of the Bush administration was of course Tommy Thompson.  

Very few people, outside of Rudy Guiliani, have tried to politicize this event.  Even when the republican party blocked a bill that would have given the HEROES who were first responders and who helped with search and rescue and clean up, actual health care(yes Paul Ryan opposed that).  

Now Tommy Thompson sees his political career coming to an end and has turned into a rabid animal attacking anything and everything he can, trying so very desperately(and unbecoming) to not go down in flames! 

So Tommy checked his moral at the door and hired a member of Veterans for Scott Walker to make an ad and turned over the reigns to his race baiting unethical adviser Darrin Schmitz   The final product(see above), was so disgusting that Fact Check rated it "false and vicious", and actual first responders (rightly) came to Tammy's Defense!  

"I don't think he's right and he never should have brought something like that up, because it's not true," said Judy Wolff, a Red Cross volunteer from Holmen, Wis., who got ill after spending three weeks at Ground Zero.

"She didn't disagree because of that 9/11 part, she only disagreed to the other stuff that was added in later," Wolff said.

Responders who have since become advocates for others damaged in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks also noted that Thompson's record in the wake of the tragedy was not seen as a good one.

"When we went to Tommy Thompson in the Bush administration, to get health care funding ... they kept fighting us," said John Feal, a 9/11 advocate who lost half of one foot at Ground Zero and runs the group the FealGood Foundation. "Tommy Thompson is the product of the Bush administration, who wanted nothing to do with 9/11."

Feal said he talked with Thompson after the former Wisconsin governor left the administration and secured the contract to treat 9/11 responders outside of the New York area for his company, Logistics Health. Thompson got wealthy running Logistics, according to his financial disclosures.

When Logistics began work on the contract, it started poorly, and Thompson reached out to Feal after Feal and New York officials blasted his efforts. Most of those involved said Logistics eventually worked out the problems, but Feal was incensed Thompson now was using 9/11 in a misleading ad.

"He's making money off of 9/11, and he's politicizing 9/11 for a campaign now, and to me he's gone down a few notches on the scale of human beings," Feal said, noting just one of Logistics 9/11 contracts was worth $11 million.

The advocate argued that it was especially galling that Thompson was hitting Baldwin -- someone Feal said was an early and strong supporter of passing the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act that Republicans had blocked for years.

He praised Baldwin for opposing the symbolic legislation Thompson's ad mentioned. "I don't fault her for that. I would have voted against it myself," he said.

"Here's the truth," added Feal, who said he has met with Baldwin recently because he regards her as a friend of his cause. "Tammy Baldwin, outside the New York area, was one of the first to sponsor our bill. Her office was one of the ones helping us set up meetings when we couldn't."

He noted that she voted for the Zadroga Act repeatedly on two committees on which she serves.

Cory @ Eye on Wisconsin has more detail here

Its too bad that Tommy has let his legacy sink so bad all in a desperate attempt to appease the tea party.   How ashamed of his senate run, will Tommy Thompson be, when he has time to reflect on it?  

In the end Tommy's Hail Mary will come up unsuccessful!

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