Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Will Her Thirty Pieces Of Silver Be?

At the end of 2010, after Scott Walker was awarded the gubernatorial election but before he took the oath of office which he was destined to violate, there was a mad scrabble to save the taxpayers and working class families from financial ruin by getting a last minute contract with the unions approved.

Walker started violating the law by interfering with the bargaining process and the legal process. He got what he wanted when then State Representatives Jeff Plale, who was a lame duck after getting routed by Chris Larson, and fellow lame duck Russ Decker betrayed their colleagues and their constituents by sabotaging the contracts.

In return for his betrayal, Walker rewarded Plale by giving him a cushy job with a cushier salary, even though he was not qualified for the job and ended up doing the job as poorly as one might expect from one of Walker's toadies.

After the fact, it was revealed that the job was a prearranged agreement, which only verified the pay for play relationship between Plale's vote on the contract and Walker subsequently hiring him.

But that was nearly two years ago. Nowadays, it appears that Walker has a new lackey doing his bidding.

Peggy Krusick, who's been known for working hand in hand with the Republicans, was thoroughly trounced in the primary by Daniel Riemer in a two to one landslide.

Instead of retiring gracefully, Krusick decided to ignore the fact that she was utterly rejected by her constituents and run as a write in candidate.

In fact, she was seen at the second helping of Solidarity Fish Fry, slithering around trying to steal votes from Riemer. Thank goodness people are onto her slimy ways:

As an interesting note, Krusick avoided Representative Chris Sinicki, another Democrat. Perhaps Krusick would have felt more at home at the Republican fundraiser after all.

She has no chance at all of winning, and is only doing this to sabotage Riemer and keep him from helping other Democrats. So why would Krusick, who is registered as a Democrat, do this?

No one but Krusick could tell you, and she's not honest enough to do so. But I would not be surprised if she gets some well-compensated bureaucratic job in Walker's administration.


  1. I wonder why these people don't understand that the GOP is viewed as totally corrupt and unethical by many?

  2. The story the Walkerites tell was that there was something unseemly in the attempts to get the contracts done before the end of 2010. Actually, those contracts were already overdue. Those trying to get the work done were trying to complete work that was supposed to be done during the Doyle administration's term; not trying to deliver a fait accompli to the Walker administration.

    I'm still wondering why we never had collective bargaining under Walker when collective bargaining was STILL THE LAW.