Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Myth of the War on Women

As Meg points out Women of America really should be behind President Obama if you want silly things like equal rights, equal pay and respect

However for the women who are true believers in the right wing, have no fear!  Just because your presidential candidate has not quite grasped the concept of women in the workforce, and your vice presidential candidate thinks that getting pregnant by rape is just another way to plan a family! Just be careful if your alone with a well connected GOP activist

Well republican(and all) ladies, there is no need to fear.   The war on women is a myth anyway, because now YOU have your own pen!!!!


  1. Great post Jeff? Off subject, is there any way you can address the current "cover up" info circulating and todays cover of the NY Post inregard to the Benghazi tragedy?

  2. Should have been a "!" Not a "?" Above on my post. Still having a struggle with swipe.

  3. what cover up info circulating?

    Also what about the post? that they endorsed Mitt? Some papers are going to make the wrong choice.

  4. No there is a lot of conservative stuff going around on facebook that the administration knew about the attack and ignored it and is now trying to cover up. People are also posting a Post cover that states the government had drones on the scene and kust ignored the attack

  5. i havent seen any of that i will keep my eyes open