Friday, October 19, 2012

Caption Again

I Love AFP- WI they have no idea the irony of their work.   This is from their Facebook page, with the caption

AFP WI activists in action!

Once again, they should have come to us, because we can help them with their creativity!  

Have at it!


  1. "Do you offer bulk discounts on tinfoil-lined dunce caps?"

  2. Hi, my name is Ima Duhmmass, and I'm here with my special friend and we're calling to see if you'd like any Amway products, or have fallen prey to any of the email scams over the years? If so, we've got a great candidate we'd like to talk to you about.

  3. If you have a utility meter on your house, OR cable teevee, then you need this to be safe.

    Also protects against teh gay. Have you heard about the fantastic opportunities to own your own business selling Maleluc

  4. "Everything is great Mom. I met this nice man at the bus station and he has me doing turnout."

  5. Eeermergerd! Irm acturly sirtting next ter Orbermer!!