Saturday, October 27, 2012

Republican Strategy 2012: Avoid The Voters

Via WisPolitics:
On Thursday evening three Republican Assembly members left empty chairs on stage, refusing to talk to voters at an Education Forum for Chippewa Valley candidates sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

Reps. Tom Larson, Warren Petryk and Kathy Bernier had confirmed their attendance at the Oct. 25 candidate forum, which had been planned for months, and then all three cancelled at the last minute when it was too late to reschedule the event.

“This shows disrespect for voters and for the groups that take the time to help inform people in their communities,” said Joel Gratz, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. “And sadly, it is a trend we have been seeing frequently from Republicans in legislative races this fall.”

Statewide, Republican candidates have been no shows at many debates and forums and depriving voters of the chance to hear from them, preferring to hide behind special interest-funded ads.

Republicans, including Larson, Petryk and Bernier, voted to cut $1.6 billion in K-12 public education, including millions from schools throughout their districts. Despite making the largest public education cut in state history, they spent more than $300 million on private, unaccountable voucher schools in Milwaukee and Racine.

“Instead of answering questions on why they are spending taxpayer money on private schools while cutting from public schools across Wisconsin, Republicans like Larson, Petryk and Bernier are dodging voters and hiding behind nasty, misleading campaign ads,” Gratz said. “Worse yet, the ads are funded by private voucher school interests that hope to elect these candidates and get even more tax dollars for their schools in the next budget.”

Education has become a key issue in legislative races this fall, with Democratic candidates campaigning on the importance of public education and job training and its link to long-term growth, jobs and economic stability.
Even when Republicans do make an appearance, it's in a very tightly controlled environment where they don't have to answer questions or be held accountable.

The only thing I'm curious about is whether it is because they just don't give a damn about what the people have to say or what they thinking or if it's simply that they really are typical bullies and are cowards at heart.


  1. Not only that, where Republican assembly reps were actually getting back to me with my inquiries, and generally acknowledging my correspondence, there has been nothing but absolute silence from not only my rep., but any rep I contact .....

    ... on the Republican side of the aisle, that is.

    Especially Tom Larson, that guy has been the most NON-public mingling public servant we've ever seen.

  2. Tax payer money for "private" schools. RNC will be upset that the Wis GOP is for bailouts. Should we be calling them TARP schools.