Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pat Kreitlow: Axe

Pat Kreitlow, running to unseat reality TV star Sean Duffy, has a knew ad out:

For those of us downstate, this ad, called "Axe," has two edges. One is the obvious one, in which Kreitlow shows that Duffy is unfit for office and is willing to sell out his constituents in a heart beat.

The other edge is that it is an effective rebuttal to Duffy's latest ad. Kreitlow has been running ads that tweak Duffy about his "lumberjack" persona. Duffy obviously doesn't like that given his ads try to mock Kreitlow for not being a lumberjack. However, all Duffy has been able to do is show his pettiness and immaturity.

The only reason Duffy is still in the race is due to the gerrymandered district and the flood of corporate money keeping his pathetic campaign alive.

You can help Kreitlow keep getting his message out by donating to his Act Blue page.


  1. He's the anti-Kleefisch: a former TV talking head who helps our state by turning to politics.

  2. You should contact the people that employed his "lumberjack heritage."

  3. I applaud myself for contributing to Kreitlow! It is worth the money to see the ad.