Sunday, February 3, 2013

$20,000? What $20,000? Oh, That $20,000!

We already know that Justice Patience Roggensack likes to associate with ne'er-do-wells like David Prosser, Michael Gableman and Annette Ziegler.

We also know that she likes to turn a blind eye when one of her thug buddies gets into trouble, even though it's her duty as a Supreme Court Justice not to.

We learned at the end of last week that Roggensack has already been bought and paid for when the campaign financial reports came out:
In her campaign, Roggensack has highlighted the importance of a nonpartisan Supreme Court, but her report showed she took in more than $9,000 from political committees affiliated with the Republican Party. That accounts for more than a quarter of the $34,460 she raised in the second half of 2012.
That's not surprising, but it's not good either.  It's also not accurate.

The truth is she's trying to sell her seat, and her willingness to keep turning a blind eye, to the highest bidders, er, campaign donors.  Right now, that would be the people that want to profiteer off of our kids:
A report by the Fund for Parent Choice filed Thursday shows voucher supporters gave Roggensack $20,550 on Dec. 27. Among those contributing were members of the DeVos and Walton families that have been prominent in the voucher movement nationally.

The donations come at a time when Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans who control the Legislature are considering expanding school voucher programs.

The donations did not show up on the report Roggensack filed Thursday. Campaign consultant Brandon Scholz said the campaign did not receive the donations until Jan. 2 -- after the latest reporting period ended -- because offices were closed some of the days over the holidays.

He said the donations would show up on Roggensack's next report, to be filed Feb. 11.
Well, that sure seems like a rational explanation. I'm sure anyone that doesn't follow politics might even buy it.

But with the end of the year being the end of the reporting cycle, most campaigns were making a big push to get those last minute campaign donations to make it look like their candidate was ever so popular.  (Although I'm not even sure that story line holds true anymore since everyone knows that the special interests are pouring money into the races now.)

Scholz would have been better off just saying that Roggensack had stuck that wad of cash in her other robe and forgot about it over the holidays.

The more we are learning of Roggensack, the less patience I have for her and her corruption.

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  1. "Campaign consultant" Beandon Scholz? The same GOP hack that headed the Grocers Association and lobbied for relaxing child labor laws to undercut adult full-time employees? No potential conflicts there, NOOOOO!!

    As if we needed another reason to vote Fallone. Hammer this corrupt disgrace