Sunday, February 3, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 17: Well, That's A Fine Kettle Of Fish!

As advertised, last Friday was the seventeenth week for the Solidarity Fish Fry.

This one was no different than the other weeks in that there was good food, great solidarity and a bit of political discussion.

Upon arrival, seeing all the good people enjoying the solidarity and the abundance of tartar sauce, I saw Representative Chris Sinicki and her husband, Mike, who is a proud card-carrying union thug himself:

Well, OK, that isn't his union card he's holding, but there's nothing wrong with a fistful of fish either.

Sadly, while we did share some laughs, Rep. Sinicki had some bad news.  She said that the Republicans have 51 changes in store for unemployment insurance and are determined to ram them through committee and through both houses, regardless of what the UI Council has to say about things.

She said that the people should be ready to take action, for this is coming down the pike as soon as their done screwing with the mining bill.

But back to the fish fry, I had the extreme pleasure of dining with Kelley Albrecht, my blogdaughter Meg Moen (Cog Dis' own Meg!) and her friend, the fabulous Jenny G., who will talk your ear off if you let her:

Jenny on the left, Meg on the right
Other regulars were there as well, including the good folks from the Progressive Democrats of America.

But as we were dining, I looked up and saw none other than Vince Megna, the comic relief candidate for the state supreme court race.  I thought to myself how nice of him to come and support the union workers.

Except he didn't.

He and his companion headed straight to the non-union section.  With the help of Kelley, I was able to get a shot of him:

Megna is the gentleman in the white shirt.

Here's a blow up of him at his table.

So much for him being a man of the people.

As the gentle eater can see, if you miss a week, you miss a lot.

So don't miss out on any more.

Come join Randy, Meg and myself this Friday for Week 18.

And tell them that Cog Dis sent ya.

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