Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Lesson in Right WIng Punditry

The other day I pointed out how our friends on the right, during this crazy political season in WI, are going to be so desperate to do what they can to save Scott Walkers job that they are willing to make things up

One of the Koch/Bradley's jesters is James Wigderson , who has been known to write posts that are blatantly untrue,    Well he has done it twice this week.   There was the lie about the democrats unity breakfast, then he hacked together this garbage at an incredibly weak attempt to try and discredit Tom Barrett!   The problem with Wiggy's post is  - Its just not true.

 Here is an excerpt(there are never any highlights) from Wigderson:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is lying about Governor Scott Walker’s support for private sector unions......Walker supports private sector unions and even the “prevailing wage” for public projects, and he is opposed to Right to Work legislation.
 Well we have an easy fix here, lets ask Scott Walker what he thinks about Right to Work for less and private unions:

OOPS.  Mr. James Wigderson lied again!

O wait, not content to be irrefutably proven wrong, Wiggle doubles down:

 You’re as illiterate and stupid as the stalker that you’ve let start blogging at your site. The article to which you link clearly states that Walker did not tell her that he was in favor of “Right to Work.”

OOPS again wiggy, if you check the transcript:  

Hendricks: Which state would you mirror? Is there any state that's already . . .
Walker: Well, (Indiana Gov.) Mitch Daniels, did - now, see the beautiful thing is, he did it in Indiana, he had it by executive order that created the unions years ago, and so when he came in about a week after he eliminated through executive order. In Wisconsin, it's by the statute. So I need lawmakers to vote on it. But the key is by tying it to the budget, there's no way to unravel that. Because unless they're going to come up with $800 million for example - it's not exactly that amount, but it's close - there's no way they cannot pass that unless they're going to pass a tax increase .

While I strongly recommend that you do not waste your time at the Library & Pub, as we have proven that there is nothing of substance there, However Jim seems to be upset that we accuse him of lying "instead of saying there’s a disagreement or things have changed or that I’ve misstated something."  Ok Maybe I am being to hard on Wiggy, maybe he is not lying on purpose.   

I expect a retraction shortly! 

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