Thursday, May 10, 2012

"As Goes Janesville"

As Jeff previously mentioned, there is a new film coming out in which Scott Walker discusses his plans to make Wisconsin a right to work state.  I'll go into the whole horror that will be for the people and the economy at another time.  Suffice it to say for now, it would be very, very bad.

Here is a video of Walker discussing his agenda of attacking Wisconsin worker with right wing nut job Diane Hendricks, who's given Walker half a million dollars in campaign contributions, lends him her private plane and goes to Koch-sponsored meetings with him:

If the reader would like, they can see a ten minute long preview of the movie by Brad Lichtenstein by going to the film's website.

And as an added bonus, there will be a sneak preview of the film on Wednesday, May 16, starting at 5:30 pm, at Discovery World in Milwaukee.

I'll be working for part of that time and will miss it.  If anyone is planning on attending and wants to write about it, let me know.  We'll post your report here.


  1. This needs to be in a Barrett ad on every news program every night from now until June.

    People really don't like politicians who say one thing to the public and the opposite to their billionaire donors, no matter whether they agree or disagree with the underlying policy position.

  2. 100% backing right to work. I have been stuck at jobs that were closed shops really pissed mo off that I had to support the unions when I did not ask them nor want them to represent me. Its bullshit that they have that right to terrorize people who want to work without union. They have no right to decide who does and who does not work.

    1. You could've have opted out or found a different job. No one made you join the union or stay in it. But if you feel you make too much money or your job is too safe, you can always move to a RTW state like Mississippi.

    2. WTF - Unions are pure democracy in the workplace. No one forces you to be in a union if you wanted out so bad and it was such a bad thing for you and your coworkers, then all you needed to do was get 50% +1 to sign up to decertify the union and it would have been disbanded as quickly as that!

    3. @WATF You give yourself away with the sentence "It's bullshit they want to terrorize anyone..." We are talking about public sector unions (even though Walker and friend are talking about private sector unions also). Librarians, teachers, social workers, etc. are not known for terrorizing anyone. Also, why read this blog if you are anti-union and pro-Walker?

      Even suggesting that it is suddenly popular in Wisconsin to be pro-right-to-work, like the billionaire widow, still doesn't explain why Walker lied to everyone. If it is so popular an idea here in Wisconsin, put it to a vote.

    4. Your kidding Anom, right? I have heard horror stories of protestors terrorizing people coming and going from the capital building during the protests. Assuming they were either paid (out of state) protestors or the easy going public union types that you obviously are.
      But it was your next point that peaked my interest.
      Capper, is it your intent to only write to those that agree?

    5. Funny thing is your "horror stories" are spawn of an overimaginative talk radio show hose.

      And I merely write the truth. If you can't handle it, that's not my issue, that's yours.

    6. Thats your assumption, But the truth is (which probably doesn't interest you) that I know a staffer that was working in the capital building during the protests. He also stated that liberals smell bad. Now, I could call that a fact. But just as your facts, it was based on perception of reality.
      Of course, you dodged the question of the intention of who your writing is directed to.

    7. What's next? The Right Not To Pay Taxes? The Right to Violate Laws I Don't Like? The Right To Be A Selfish Jerk? In the matter of labor unions, we must borrow from Joni Mitchell when she sang, "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." Align yourself with greedy fatcats out to screw the general public instead of your co-workers at your own peril.

    8. Man- I guess we will have to re-elect him to find out whats next. Kind of like: "We need to pass the health care bill so we can find out whats in it." -Nancy Pelosi

  3. WATF is probably someone like Darlene Wink, on the Governor's Staff, paid by taxpayers, trolling websites and blogs, campaigning for Walker and the Republicans instead of doing the state's work.