Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beware Unsolicited Voting "Advice"

File under "Don't believe everything you get in the mail":
Wisconsin election officials are warning voters to be cautious about slick mailings giving misleading or incorrect information about voter registration and absentee voting.

The Government Accountability Board said in a release Monday that it and local election officials around the state have been receiving an increasing number of questions and complaints and recent mailings that contain errors that could interfere with voting.

One of the mailings in question from the Republican Party of Wisconsin incorrectly told residents in the heavily Democratic areas of Madison and Dane County to return voter registration applications to the town of Albion, even if they did not live there.

Board director Kevin Kennedy recommends that voters rely on information from their local municipal clerk's office or the Myvote.wi.gov website.
Yeah, and remind me how Republicans are worried about the integrity of the vote. I keep forgetting.


  1. You worry too much. Everything will be just fine as long as everyone remembers that if you're a Republican, you vote on the first Tuesday in November. If you're a Democrat you vote on the following Tuesday.

    1. I am surprised super patriot Weix is not going door to door with this line.

  2. the problem in this country is not voter fraud - it's voter ignorance.

  3. Why isn't this sort of crap against the law? If it's legal, then why not fight fire with fire?

    Low income Republican voters are extremely gullible and many, my next door neighbors for example, could be easily convinced that new election rules written by Governor Walker permit gun owners, who show their NRA membership cards, to vote on Wednesdays when the polls are less crowded.

    I'm only half joking.