Monday, October 8, 2012

Caption Time Again!

From American's for Prosperity Facebook Page! I love AFP, these guys know how to party and they can really draw a crowd!!!

Here they are with a whopping crowd of supporters, showing them how to make calls on their new state of the art "freedom phones" the problem of course being, that their targeted demo is 80 and over. They are used to "party line" phones.

At least they all have the same goal, to bring the country back to when this crowd was teens!

Have at it and caption this precious photo:


  1. "And this, Grandma Beatrice, is where you pick up your catfood ration."

  2. "If you just please, please, PLEASE sign, Paul Ryan SWEARS he won't roll YOUR wheelchair off the cliff."

  3. Who cares about the phones! they're passing out big orange and black brochures that have a huge 666 on them! and did you even look at the "granny" on the left? eek!
    We don't need a caption, we need a pressurized firehose full of Holy Water.

  4. Sorry, the scene is too sad to comment.... 8-(

  5. And this line right here is the most important one to remember. Tell them you are one of those Senior Citizens who will be getting a useless voucher, but you're okay with it, since you've always voted against your own best interest.

  6. 1. "no, your bingo card didn't win so you have to make another 25 phone calls before we give you a ride home."
    2. "how about a nice warm glass of shut the hell up"? get back there and call.
    3. "i know your fingers hurt from dialing but Romney/Ryan have just come up with a new finger repair bill for you. see, i'm holding it up right now"
    yes, it is sad

  7. So every time the waiter looks foreign we can report it. Good. Does that work when we are trueing the vote?

  8. This reminds me of a church bus trip that my Mother in law took from Eau Claire to Madison a number of years ago. It was billed as free trip to tour the state Capitol and the House on the Rock. Upon arriving at the Capitol building everyone was required to "sign in".

    Later it turned out that what she had really signed was a petiton opposing abortion rights. This kind of pissed her off because she was a secret socialist. The Republicans snuck that one by her and everyone else on the bus. It was a truly dispicable thing. I see they are still at it.

    These bastards just can't play a straight game.

  9. Attention readers of Cog Dis with an interest in the minutiae of Walkergate. State's Witness List in State of Wisconsin v. Kelly M. Rindfleisch now

    As is the defendant's subpoena of Scott Walker.