Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gudex Is No Damn Good

Check out this ad about the misogynistic Rick Gudex, who has already sold out to the AFP and WMC in his attempt to unseat Senator Jessica King:

As you can imagine, No-Good Gudex mewled about the ad, saying how unfair it is. I wonder if he ever stopped to think how unfair his position against women's rights are.

H/T Wisconsin Soap Box


  1. I just love how the right wing machine cries foul when the truth is told

  2. As a Fond du Lac resident, it's become apparent that Rick Gudex likes to stay out of public scrutiny, unless he's running for office. He's from Mayville originally, then he had to move up here when he got another job as shop manager at Brenner Tank. He then had to run for city council (we unfortunately have a city manager/city council office-holder setup where all your elected officials are at-large, unaccountable to any district--a great setup for oligarchic rule), has been re-elected and now is head of the council.
    We are now going through a deal set up by Gudex and the Fond du Lac Economic Development Corp., which is providing corporate welfare to a company called Wells Manufacturing. Part of the funding is coming through Walker's WEDC, and they're also raising a local tax to bail out Wells, a company that's been here long-term in an old facility. They're now getting a new facility paid for in an industrial park, retaining the old jobs with promises for some new ones. This is a deal just like Ron Johnson and his rich father-in-law worked up in Oshkosh years ago.
    Nobody's said it, but you wonder if Well's hinted at moving their old facility and jobs with it out of Fond du Lac--in exchange for this deal. Also similarly done with Mercury Marine where Randy Hopper came to the rescue.
    Our local media just fawns on this whole story, never asking any questions about it: they're made to look like civic leaders.
    Just as long as the taxpayer pays for it, so they can profit from it.
    I'm glad Jesse King is finally getting some support and her message is getting to the public. As a canvasser, I worry that not enough has been said to let the voters know just how bad Gudex is.

  3. Thanks for the update on Gudex. I kind of knew him when he lived in the Eden area and I don't think he was too well thought of there either. I read the paper pretty closely and I knew that the employees at Merc were getting screwed over but the people of FDL all cried that we had to keep Merc here, so they'd do anything to save it. Well we kept them and are paying a tax, Power and light gave them a deal, and now they are building a big chunk on the building and paying $10.00/hr. to most of the beginning workers. I know many of the old timers at Merc and they are totally disgusted with managment and can't wait to retire.

    Apparently Wells is now doing the same thing and FDL bends over one more time to keep the business here (for how long?)

    I am also pleased that people are starting to pay attention to Jessica King, she is a true and caring person. The one debate I was able to see was a disgrace the way Gudex kept interupting Jess along with the "moderator". She can work circles around Gudex and she will continue to do so after she is elected!