Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Misnamed Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This ad was published in Sunday's edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Well, at least they're no longer trying hide who their target audience is anymore.

But it also finalizes the fact that the daily rag is sorely misnamed.

Their target is no longer Milwaukee. It hasn't been for years as they have pandered to the red county of Walkersha. The only time they really talk about Milwaukee is when they are bad mouthing it.

And the word Journal is all wrong too. It would imply that they are practicing journalism, which is pretty far from accurate. Journalism requires investigative, nonpartisan reporting. Yeah, not much of that going on there either. Heck, look at how often that Cog Dis or other blogs have scooped them on the news and have actually gone into details about the story.

And Sentinel? Puh-lease. Sentinels are guardians, protectors. The paper is a sell-out, if anything. They most definitely do not have the best interest of the public in mind with the offal they publish.

I would propose that they change the name of their daily, if for no other reason, than to be accurate.

Perhaps something like the "Walkersha Republican" or the "Fitzwalkerstan Corporate Media." At least then there would be some honesty from the paper, something that hasn't happened for years.


  1. Soloman Juneau must have rolled in his grave numerous times by now.

    However, to say that both the Journal and Sentinel in their individual long histories haven't been part of the political machine would be to deny history.

    Not that it's good or how it should be, but it is fact.

    Why not just call it "Springfield Shopper?"

  2. What about "White Men Scribbles" or "Charmin with Words" or "Prepackaged Garbage - Open it up and throw it away" as names for the worthless rag?

  3. The Milwaukee Urinal - Scent and All.

    Been calling it that for years.

    - HammerHead