Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part CXLVIII

The news just came out at the end of last week that the country just had their best month in years when it comes to job creation and lowering the unemployment numbers.

Meanwhile, in Scott Walker's Fitzwalkerstan:
Sonic Drive-In opened with a boom in 2009, but closed quietly this week.

A rental truck was parked near the front door of the building at 2276 E. Mason St., Green Bay, on Tuesday as workers washed down the shining metal equipment.

Details from Sonic’s corporate office were not available Tuesday.

Sonic, known for skating carhops, extra-long Coney dogs, tater tots and 168,894 drink combinations, opened to fanfare in November 2009. It is on an East Town Mall out lot that was was home to Storheim’s Frozen Custard for many years.

The franchise was opened by Twilight Burgers LLC of Franklin, which owned several other Sonics in Wisconsin. The Green Bay Sonic was acquired by Mason Harrison Ratliff Enterprises of Oklahoma City, about a year ago, after Twilight Burgers closed two Sonics in metro Appleton. Mason Harrison is the nation’s largest Sonic franchisee and one of the largest restaurant-franchise companies.

The Green Bay Sonic had 17 employees.
Tell me again about how that austerity thing is working.

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