Sunday, October 14, 2012

Who's Responsible For Libya?

Since the vice-presidential debate in which Joe Biden expertly defeated the hapless Paul Ryan who couldn't even keep his lies straight, Team Romney/Ryan have been trying to change the message into an attack on President Obama for the tragic killing of the US ambassador in Libya.

Only thing is their advisors forgot to vet the story before launching it.

If they had, they would have seen that the Republicans had cut off funding for sufficient security at US embassies and allowed far less funding than what was requested or needed. And this is cumming from their own surrogates:

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. There seems to be a bipartisan plan to destabilize the entire Middle East, oil Sheiks excluded, in a fantastic scheme to exploit our sole superpower status in order to bring about a new American dominated order, assuming that all the dominoes fall magically into place. This scheme will likely result in an immense human disaster. But since it's happening over there and not here, WTF. One of those dominoes spun wildly off axis and landed on the U.S. ambassador to Libya. They are all at fault.

    I have to ask, how often do you see an American ambassador sneak into a country in the midst of civil war aboard a Greek cargo ship and then proceed to make decisions as to which are the good militias that get American money, arms and NATO air cover and which are not? Those who are excluded might feel a bit of resentment, even a desire for revenge. These actions certainly painted our man as a participant in the conflict, possibly a CIA agent who had been given protective "official cover" as a diplomat.

    Every American embassy has agents and spys operating under "official cover" as diplomats.
    Other countries do the same thing. Actual functioning governments recognize diplomatic immunity, Islamic militias who are taking advantage of a NATO sponsored blood bath, not so much. They would view such an operator, correctly from their perspective, as an ememy agent who is working against their interests. What the hell was the CIA thinking?