Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Real Head Scratcher

As time goes on, it is becoming extremely apparent that Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele is just as bad, and often worse, than his predecessor, Scott Walker:
  • Walker abandoned the most vulnerable citizens at the mental health complex. Abele is forcing them out the door without sufficient supports and safety nets.
  • Walker's deferred negligence caused a part of the courthouse cornice to fall off as well as a facade at O'Donnell Park falling off and killing a young man.  Abele has allowed the mental complex to continue to fall apart, have parts of the Coggs Building fall off and, of course, the fire at the courthouse which has still yet to be fixed.
  • Walker attacked the workers, illegally taking 10% of their checks for a year and a half, which had to be paid back with 12% interest.  Abele has attacked workers, wanting them to pay as much as 29% for healthcare - more than twice of what Scott Walker is doing to state workers. 
  • Scott Walker would go running to the corporate media when he was in trouble or wanted a bad idea advanced.  Abele has been a regular on WISN squawk radio and emails blarghers via county email to complain when he doesn't get his way.
  • Walker had his right hand man, Tim Russell, set up a secret router so they could avoid open record requests.  Abele's Corporation Counsel offered to be the secret router.
  • Walker used CRG to falsely accuse me of the crime of politicking on county time (how ironic, given the results of Walkergate).  Abele used his director of administration to try to frame former Supervisor Johnny Thomas for bribery (which, by the way, ended up hurting the Walkergate investigations and trials).
  • Walker was all about pay for play and allowed his campaign contributors call the shots, to the detriment of the county and its citizens.  Abele takes orders from his plutocratic pals at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, to the detriment of the county and its citizens.
  • Walker would play games with open records requests and be as far from transparent as possible.  Abele is playing games with open records requests and is as far from transparent as possible.
And that's just scratching the surface, but the gentle reader can see that Scott Walker and Chris Abele are more alike than they are different.

Now, here's the thing that I readily admit I don't understand. 

There are some people that would regularly condemn Scott Walker for his misdeeds and malfeasance.  But those same people now praise Chris Abele even though he is doing the very same things. One would think that if it's wrong for one, it would be also wrong for the other.

I don't know if these people are in denial or being hypocritical or are trying to pander to Abele because of his wealth. These Abele supporters have stabbed county board members and others that they used to call friends in the back, just to curry favor with Abele and his administration.. The saddest part is that the trust and friendships between members of the pro-Abele side and the pro-Milwaukee County side has been so strained, I don't know if things can ever return to normal.

Whatever their reasoning for their behaviors, it is all so very disappointing.

And the only ones that win are people like Walker and Abele, who are busy selling off our assets and victimizing the citizenry while we squabble amongst ourselves.


  1. Please provide more details on the Democrat supporters that are fighting.

  2. Democratic, you mean.

  3. Funny thing is I never mentioned any political parties.

  4. I think you understood the question, but very well. Please provide more info an those "Abele supporters [who]have stabbed county board members and others that they used to call friends in the back." Many of us value your site as a legitimate source for local news. So thank you for that. I do not understand the need to be difficult when regular readers request additional information.