Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Allen Wrench

By Jeff Simpson

Last week, we brought you the story of Benjamin Riche, one of the many Gnatsie's in WI whose sole purpose in life is to sit behind a computer and support Scott Walker anonymously.  Riche was exposed and still tried to deny his involvement in the BS, racism, bigotry and harassment that the Knot My Wisconsin(gnatsies) crew are known for.  

I recently received some information that shows that they are more annoying, immature, petty, uneducated and dangerous than I originally thought!   It seems that Mr. Riche, having no life of his own, has created multiple personalities on facebook.

 Here is Riche talking to himself:

One in particular he calls himself Allen Wrench(seriously)! As you can see by perusing his profile, he even gave himself a family and calls himself a retired union ironworker(the signs of a disturbed individual).   I truly hope that Mr. Riche does not have a CCW license!

It turns out that while Mr. Riche has serious issues that need to be dealt with, he is not very creative.  Allen Wrench is his secret agent name?  That is the best he could come up with?

Considering yourself some sort of facebook secret agent is one thing, but to then try and be creative with it and fail so massively is an entirely different story.

Riche makes Maxwell Smart look like James Bond!

 Cockroaches never play very well out in the bright sunlight and the more we expose them the mold of the gnatises will fade away with time.  

My advice to Mr. Riche and the rest of the gnatsies....take a vacation!  I recommend Pahrump, Nevada where the Chicken Ranch is waiting for you

Seriously Benny, spend the money(or put it on your credit card and pay later)...it will be the best 15 seconds of your life and will help you realize how ridiculous your life has been up until now!


  1. Wretched Wrench = coward.

  2. To continue your perfect reference to Agent 86 maybe he should sit inside of 'the cone of silence' with his alter egos and have these discussions. Then, when they find out how wrong they were they can use that great Maxwell Smart lament, "....missed it by that much."

  3. Jeff, Benjamin Riche seems like he is downright mentally unstable. I'm not the most mentally stable person myself (I have Asperger's Syndrome), but Riche seems like he may have much more serious mental issues than I do.

  4. I called him out as a troll and got him banned from several groups and actions. I even screen saved some of the commentary. I mean - Allen Wrench? Monkey Wrench? Monkey is the only part of that that is true. And he has worked to ban many of the protesters still actively working on the First Amendment. Thank you Jeff for outing the troll.

  5. Riche or someone else even put a voice to Allen Wrench calling WORT during a show about people false reporting Facebook violations so that activists get banned. He played the "whining Liberal" when asked how he felt about what's been going on, he stated, "It make me want to cry"...

    These folks need to be locked up, probably in a mental institution. Glad you got the word out on this guy! Thanks!

  6. I'm 62. he looks like an old washed up puked out posse comatada. No brain left to speak of. One to many acid trips. Ya know. And NEVER left the farm.... In His entire Life !

  7. Still rent free after all this time....Jeff you must be bored my friend.

  8. You really have to come up with a new line, it was old the first time you wrote it.

    Besides we all know the only place you live rent free is in your mommys basement!

  9. I realize that this guy and all the others who yell "get a job" while calling Libs "elites" are likely displaying massive amounts of projection. He is clearly unemployed or perhaps employed by Walker (another router incident I bet) to have all this time to sit and stalk Libs on Facebook and elsewhere online or the radio. I bet he collects disability too. What a tool indeed. A tool to disrupt dissent and suck the member of our dear leader.

  10. The line may be old but that does not preclude it from being true. Just sayin Jeff...lulz

    1. "Do not confuse activity with achievement." -John Wooden.

      People with mental ages below 15 don't get this concept. Please don't project your lame life onto us, kid.

  11. I hear that this Benjamin Riche is a "master troll" and has hundreds of alternate personalities. Can you please track the rest of them down??