Friday, July 26, 2013

Free Speech Crackdown - Day 3

By Jeff Simpson

Once again, Mike Huebsch and Scott Walker continue to show the state and the world what petty cowards they are.  They continue their crackdown on random singers.

Let's not forget, the first day they arrested an 80 year old lady, the second day they stomped all over the American flag while arresting a Vietnam Veteran, and now they have done it again by grabbing a mom/son combo:

Yes that takes true Courage.

Of course, nothing says "Open For Business" like arresting grandma and grandson and Vietnam Vets!  I bet companies just can not get here fast enough!

Once we get the 7 year and 80 year olds off the street, the business will be free to thrive!!!


  1. The CPOs also told random tourists that they were subject to arrest if they watched - even if they didn't sing, clap, or make any sign that they were participating. Yeah, that's the message we want tourists to take away from our state capitol: we're going to arrest you just for being here. Meanwhile, the Walker supporters on the bridges, gathered in groups larger than 20, were not warned or arrested when they clapped and cheered for people getting arrested.

    The worst thing, though, was that they arrested a Lutheran pastor. He began to suffer chest pains, and while they did switch him to having his hands cuffed in front, they still left him in cuffs. He was unable to negotiate getting his nitro pill into his mouth, and finally one of the officers placed it for him. Then they left him there, until another arrestee noticed that he was slumped over. Finally they called the EMTs and sent him to the hospital. The pastor is OK, but not out of the woods yet.

    All of this because the Walker administration and its lobbyists don't want to hear people singing during a non-business hour.

  2. Another blog about self-arrests. Each ore fascinating than the last.