Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sarah Silverman Wants To Help!

By Jeff Simpson

Comedian Sarah Silverman recently "tweeted" an offer of help to our very own Governor Walker.  

This of course drove the far right comic website "Newsbusters" insane!  Apparently its ok to legislate forcing women to stick things in their body but NOT ok for a female to joke about doing the exact same thing to a man!  

Especially our forever intimidated Governor Walker!  

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  1. Sarah Silverman? LOL. Play her 'Perfect Night' video if you want to see how this woman thinks. Would much rather listen to her comedic perspective than some whiny right-wingers getting offended because they are the topic of a comedienne. Kinda hot too.

  2. For a bunch of "Unintimidated" men, the GOPpers sure do bitch a lo when smart, tough wimen like Sarah Silverman call them out, don't they? What's the definition of "someone who can dish it out, but can't take it?"

    Oh, that's right, aP*SSY. Somehow fitting, isn't it?

  3. she'll never get to do it, as he has yet to make an informed decision.