Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quote of the Day, #silentnomore

Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele really wants to close down the mental health complex even though the way he is going about it is going to severely decrease public safety and cost taxpayers a lot more money.  And that's even before the civil rights lawsuits are filed.

Abele is trying to con people into thinking that there will be no public safety issues because there will be so much in the way of community support.  That is, there would be, if he wasn't always cutting services like the ACCESS Clinic.
Besides the clinic, he is also shutting down one of the crisis respite homes.  This hasn't gone over too well, as evidenced by this money quote:

Joe Volk, executive director of Community Advocates, said his program had succeeded in caring for its clients but failed to accomplish all the bureaucratic requirements.

Based on the county's action to terminate the Community Advocates' $850,000 contract, "you'd think we had sexual assaults and patients with broken necks," Volk said. "And that we might even have people beating each other up many, many times."

The remark was a sarcastic reference to problems that have been noted by state and federal inspectors at the county's in-patient programs at the complex.
The crisis center will open again - some day - but with much less services. The contract for this facility has already been given to the Milwaukee Center for Independence, which seems to be getting an inordinate amount of county business lately.

Expect more to come out soon regarding Abele's abandonment of our most vulnerable citizens.

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