Friday, July 12, 2013


I heard RoJo on the radio today trying to explain why it's better to pay people minimum wage - or less - because it would be better to have one or two hundred people have jobs that won't support them than have people get paid family supporting wages that will also create other jobs.

A couple of days ago, Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele celebrated the fact that workers will be able to be exploited at a hotel to be built by one of his plutocratic pals.

Charles Koch has actually come out saying that abolishing the minimum wage would somehow help the poor.

Needless to say, this is some of the most absurd talking points the Teapublicans can make.  To show how disconnected they are, check out this video:

More information is available here.

Now do you understand why the plutocrats and oligarchs are spending so much and fighting so hard to kill the unions.  The only answer to organized greed is organized labor.


  1. Then the GOP whines about so many Americans being on food stamps. You are in poverty if you make minimum wage, so let’s cut that, says son-in-law of billionaire Ron Johnson. How about instead the GOP calls for a living wage? How many tens of millions of American jobs pay less than $11/hour? You have to be paid $11.32/hour, work 40 hours/week and all 52 weeks of the year to make the poverty level for a family of four which is $23,550.

    Plus these cruel bastards called themselves “Christians.” Burn in the Fourth Circle of Hell, you greedy narcissists!

  2. If the oligarchs want to go there, then how about seizing and breaking up their business empires? This modest reform would encourage competition and make the market economy more efficient. The truth is that the syphoning of wealth from the economy by the oligarchs and it's sclerotic concentration are the major problems in this country, not low-wage workers. Notice that I don't even mention effecting this reform through the use of a guillotine, that's just how fair and balanced I'm trying to be.