Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knot Their Facebook: Part 2

About ten days ago, I shared the story of some folks on Facebook who were being harassed by emotionally stunted trolls who call themselves "Knot My Wisconsin" and are trying to silence those who would speak out against the tyranny in this state and country.

Apparently, this same group of knuckle-draggers or one like them is out to harass people opposed to the iron mining up in the Northwoods.  As one might suspect, they seem to target women, foolishly thinking them to be weaker. It looks like that they might have been off more than they can chew this time:
But now Wells says she is being targeted with similar threatening behavior from the other side. Wells' name appeared on a list of mining opponents with three other women on Facebook last week.

A man named Terry Dipper listed them on the Wisconsin Reporter's Facebook page, citing their opposition as a reason armed guards are needed at the Gogebic Taconite site.

In response to Dipper's post, Wisconsinites For Safe Mining wrote: "We have initiated a shoot on site order for the malcontents you have listed. Trespassing on a mining site = genocide."

"If you threaten to kill someone, that is a crime - that is malicious. Its horrible. Its scary," said Wells.

She and at least two of the other women, Roberta Retram and Barbara With, are now asking their local law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter criminally.

27 News exchanged Facebook messages with someone from Wisconsinites For Safe Mining on Monday about the comment, who insisted it was obvious satire. They even sent a link to a Wikipedia entry explaining what satire is.

But Wells and the other women aren't laughing.

"Its not a joke when you're threatening someone's life and you're putting a target on their head," said Wells.

Wells says the Dane County Sheriff's Office told her they will assign an investigator to look into the matter, but 27 News has not been able to confirm that yet.

The person from Wisconsinites For Safe Mining who exchanged messages with 27 News today, refused to identify themselves.
In related news, it appears that one of my favorite trolls, the one that had been going around trying to impersonate me in the Cheddarsphere is back at its old tricks.

It didn't work then, so I don't know what makes it think it will work now.

But no one has ever accused trolls, especially right wing ones, of being smart.


  1. It's very revealing that so much of what the right-wing considers humorous revolves around death threats, rape and racism. That's the upside-down world of the mentally deranged Republican party. Their slogan should be: "We're sick in the f'ing head and proud of it".

  2. And then when called out on this disgusting behavior, they don't have the guts to own what they've said. They are pathetic and soft, and I hope they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their threats against protestors up North

  3. I think of a song by Kenny Rogers that might be more applicable.
    Cowrds of the County

  4. Word up Gareth. What a bunch of chicken-hearted tools.

  5. Threatening to shoot someone is a felony. It is nothing to laugh about. Until they lock up the creeps at Wisconsinites for Safe Mining.

  6. And still living rent free. How about the Walker(and family) death threats where the morons got away with it with nary a slap on the wrist. You hypocrites seem to forget who the trendsetters are.
    Secondly, it is satire if you missed that part. Read the comments that have been documented. Equate it to telling someone to stop acting stupid. Is that the same as calling them stupid?
    Quit with your victim card BS! ... that being said, thanks for the lulz!!!!

    1. Actually, I do believe that we are living in the vast wasteland between your ears, given your disjointed, angry comment.

      Oh, and did you know that your arrogance has given you away. They have names now. Will the Sheriff visit you next?

      And even your scrubbing your posts aren't helping. The screencaps have opened you to criminal and civil lawsuits.


    2. how about the walker family death threats? did they come in with the tooth fairy?

      I see courage and creativity are still lost from your character traits....

      I look forward to seeing you outted and charged!

    3. And there you two morons think that I, or anyone else you think you have a clue about, have anything to do with this.
      When the hell are you idiots going to hang up your Inspector Gadget badges for the love of god?
      Once again, I, nor anyone I am associated with has anything to do with the commentary displayed on, nor running that page.
      And again with the assumptions. Will you issue apologies and or defend yourselves to charges of Libel if you "name names"?
      Go ahead, make my day! Lulzy!!!!