Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He Really Said That!

By Jeff Simpson

Everyone knows that Ryan Braun was recently suspended for the rest of the year for taking Performance Enhancing Drugs.  While I personally think that this suspension was too harsh, what bothers me more than anything is the self righteous crap that we as a general public are now subject to(which we will be documenting here). 

The first in the series might be the worst!    It comes directly from the Governor himself.

Walker said he and his two sons, Matt and Alex, all big Brewers' fans, were disappointed and angry "that he lied to us as fans."

In a telephone interview Tuesday, the GOP governor said that "it was bad enough that he broke the rules, but the fact that he didn't immediately fess up to it, that he dragged it all out...It's not just what he did, it's that he strung us out for so long."

On Monday, Major League Baseball announced that it had suspended Braun, the 2011 most valuable player, for the remainder of the season for violating the league's drug program. Braun agreed to accept the suspension, in essence admitting both using performance-enhancing drugs and lying about it.

Walker, who takes his college-age sons to Miller Park most years for the spring opener and frequently tweets about the Brewers, admitted hoping, like many fans, that Braun would turn out to be innocent of the doping charges, despite the mounting suspicion against him.
Those hopes were artificially inflated for months as Braun denied wrongdoing and raised questions about the system that was investigating him.

Walker has met with Braun more than once and visited with Braun last year when the Brewers star and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers opened their Brookfield restaurant, 8-Twelve.

He said Braun seemed to him to be the all-American guy, soft-spoken, not too cocky.

"All the more reason why it's disappointing," Walker said.

The governor said forgiveness from fans wouldn't come quickly for Braun.

"I think it'll be a long time," Walker said.

Excuse me for one minute.....

Governor Scott Walker:
            *  Who spent well over $650,000 out of a legal defense fund(the only Gov in the country with one),
            *  Who had 6 of his top aides, and good friends, CONVICTED in the Walkergate investigation! 
            *  Who was rated by Politifact to be the most untruthful(liar) Governor(2 years in a row).
            *  Who basically committed perjury in front of Congress,
            *  Who was rated one of the worst Governors in the US by Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics,
            *  Who before being elected said he would work with unions,
            *  Who promised his top donor that his plan for WI was to "divide & conquer",
            *  Who when thinking he was talking to an out of state billionaire donor said -
                     - He thought about adding violence to peaceful protests but didnt think it benefit him;
                     - He had a Louisville Slugger  for people who disagree with him:
                     -  Wanted to lure the Democratic Senators back to the state in a false promise of negotiating    with them, while the republicans secretly passed his bill.  
                    - Had to prep his administrative team to be ready for when he "dropped the bomb".
            *   Who is chairman of the MOST corrupt State agency ever;
            *  The list goes on and on and on -

The Scott Walker of the laundry list above,  is "disappointed" that the Brewers left fielder lied in public?  

Oy Vey!

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  1. I'm with you on everything about that liar, Walker. However, strictly as a baseball fan I think Braun is getting what he deserves ... at the least. He baldfaced lied to MLB, fans, other players, etc.