Friday, July 26, 2013

WISGOP Fears Emerge*

From the Facebook page of State Representative Melissa Sargent, we find that WISGOP is mightily afraid of Emerge Wisconsin.

They have sent this Open Records Request to the elected Emerge Wisconsin alumnae:

I think Sargent said it best:
The GOP must be terrified of women who want their voices heard at all levels of government. 
Of course, the GOP has reason to fear.  With their refusal to allow pay equality, to allow equal rights, their rape culture "humor" and their punitive approach to women's health care, including the ultrasound bill, they have repeatedly crossed the line of acceptability.

*See what I did there?!

For the interest of full disclosure, I do work for Emerge WI, and am damn proud of it.


  1. They're building dossiers for each of these potential future candidates.