Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Media Yawns

By Jeff Simpson

Recent memory shows us that former Dem Party Spokesman Graeme Zielinski compared the size of Governor Walker's legal team(much much bigger) during the John Doe Investigation to that of Jeffrey Dahmer's legal team...suggesting that while he was never charged, Walker paid a pretty penny to make sure he was never charged. The analogy was bad, the fake outrage was worse!

The mainstream media jumped on the story in pure outrage and horror, ignoring the fact that numerous politicians have used the Jeffrey Dahmer comparison to collective yawns from the media.

In the never ending quest to prove to the republican party that they are not the "liberal media" they blatantly attacked someone on the left in a huge bit of fake outrage and even carried it on, until Mike Tate unfortunately gave into the pressure and relieved Graeme of his duties.   

The same media outrage never seems to apply though to Bradley Schneider.   Schneider is a "writer"(term used loosely for the Bradley Foundations PR piece - WPRI.   Unfortunately for the people of Wisconsin, WPRI seems to get unlimited column space in our local newspapers, and if that is not enough, Schneider even gets his own column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.   

We know that Schneider has never let the truth get in the way of a good, PR piece for the republican party, and neither have his editors.   Schneider has blatantly lied about the numerous things from Wisconsin Democracy campaign to the smearing of Mark Pocan and never once been even remotely stopped by an editor.   As Bruce Murphy points out:

In the old days the Journal Sentinel would never have had a columnist who wasn’t a former journalist. Nor would its editors have signed off on a column like Schneider’s without fixing the misstatements of facts. The paper seems willing to pay any price to show its friendliness to conservative activists.
 Schneider is up to his dirty unethical tricks again.  This time he compares Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett toa psychotic narcissist character on Televisions "the Walking Dead". 

On the television show "The Walking Dead," the small zombie-resistant town of Woodbury is ruled by "The Governor," a tyrant who delivers orders to shoot any resident who escapes from the town walls. (Aside from being a fan of residency requirements, The Governor wears an eye patch and keeps severed zombie heads in fish tanks in his house — which means he and Barrett share only one of these three traits.)
 Apparently the Mayor of Milwaukee wanting his Milwaukee public employees to reside in the city that they serve in, is equal too shooting anyone who escapes from the city walls? 

That makes the Mayor equal to "the Governor from "the Walking Dead"!

Unfortunately there are  crickets from anyone who feels he goes to far.

Are Bad analogies and virtual lines in the sand are only enforced on one party in this state or has Schneider proven he is a big enough hack that no one takes him seriously anymore?   

I guess Christian Schneider has a free pass to do or smear whoever he wants, all in the name of the Bradley Foundation and the Wisconsin republican party!



  1. Why don't you include info about who to contact at the JSO (and other outlets) to lodge complaints? If we don't make our voices heard, nothing will change. I'll grant you that nothing is going to change as long as the MMAC, GMC and WMC are extorting the media via advertising revenues - but it can't hurt to phone-slam an editor or two.

    1. Editorial Page:(414) 224-2143

      David Haynes is ahead of the reddish purple project


      or if you want to let Schneider know directly


  2. Jeff,

    I was 100% with you on every word, right up to that very last sentence about Comedian Schneider "having a free pass."

    I respectfully disagree.

    The soul-less ghouls in the dark, hooded cloaks, sitting around that table with the human skull and burning candle on it (who also occupy all the leadership positions on the Journal Communications board) don't do anything for free.

  3. Bradley Schneider is the journalistic equivalent of a serial rapist. Is that going too far?

  4. You're still a silly billy aren't you. He was trying to be witty and/or bloggily clever, he failed. Just like you are, and did.

    The Governor is IMAGINARY and over-the-top, not real.
    Dahmer was real. Dahmer is so horrifying the mention of his name is traumatizing. A professional representative of a Party and Party supporters should have the emotional savvy to know that. (so should you)
    This dippy guy was just using TWD references to make himself seem cooler and sexier than he is (earning himself yet another ticket on the USS Failboat). Ultimately, Graeme Z. drew outrage because that was final gaffe in along string of gaffes. You seem to be the only guy who misses him.
    The End.
    p.s. Daryl + Carol 4 ever.

    1. Strange comment. Schneider of course is just a charlatan and the Journal Sentinel is no longer the Milwaukee Journal nor the Milwaukee Sentinel off my father's time. Gov. Walker is unfortunately a very real threat to women, taxpayers who can perform simple math, residents near high-capacity wells, school children, etc. Dahmer's actions were absolutely terrifying but my recollection of his defense is that Boyle did his job in a matter of fact way with a very small team. GZ didn't particularly nail the satire that day but I would think it was motivated by bitter disappointment. You insult him, charge him with wanting to be cool and sexy, and yet conclude with all the naivety of a starry-eyed 12-year old lusting after a boy band star (I'm probably being ungenerous to 12-year old's). Think you might have some issues to work through?

  5. What angers me about Chrissy Schneider is not that he's consistently wrong and a no- talent wingnut welfare case, but it's the lack of accountability. Any self-respecting organization would have fired him after tgat Kyle Wood fiasco, and his pathetic attempts to cover up his slander. But Chrissy was allowed to continue as if nothing ever happened.

    That's what I can't stand, is that JournalComm and other "objective" media will give this hack a forum and keep allowing him access, while not giving anything resembling that same access to left-wing pundits who are 10 times more talented and truthful than Chrissy.

    It is well past time for a rally to demand balance in media, especially at JournalComm (who sat on the mercenary story for 3 days, but was using White Wisconsn's anti-protestor videos on TMJ TGE day they came out)