Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beware: EcoTerrorist On The Loose!

By Jeff Simpson

Capper told us how our Beloved Governor called the goofy lady who grabbed a video camera a "ninja". We also pointed out yesterday that her behavior has a history of going unpunished in Wisconsin.  Now we find that there is an actual ecoterrorist running free in the Northwoods(Here he is in a rare picture hiding from the police):

His name is Bill Williams and he is President of Gogebic Taconite and he is a thug.   Seems that Mr. Williams grabbed a cellphone that David Joe Bates, a Bad River Tribal member, was using to record him with(sound familiar?).  Mr Bates filed a Police report and we are still waiting to see if Governor Walker approves of the Bad River Tribe hiring Rambo wanna-be's to protect themselves from employees of Gogebic Taconite.

Unfortunately though, this terrible crime will go unpunished and Mr. Williams is free to contonue to terrorize the people of WI.  

The lesson to be learned here is that in Wisconsin, the anti Mining protestor already had a strike against her, because she is a female.  We know the disdain that Wisconsin republicans have for women! 

She also made a mistake in wearing a mask, in the future if you want to be able to roam the Northwoods without fear of prosecution  -  wear a Gogebic Taconite polo shirt*.

* Does Not apply to Native Americans, African Americans, any other minority group or Females!

Be on the lookout for this man!  


  1. Very interesting. Scott Walker is bought and paid for by an eco-terrorist who goes around grabbing cell phones from people recording the misdeeds of the eco-terrorist.

    I can't wait until Monday to listen to Charlie Sykes blast this eco-terrorist Chris Cline. He deserves the full fury of Sykes' rage.

  2. Oh wow, that's the least self-aware quote I've ever read. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a quote from that very same day advocating the opposite for a cop.
    Fuck man, these assholes think this party'll never end, but the longer it goes the worse it's gonna be.

  3. aattp dot org inform yourself

  4. It is awfully funny that after Joe Bates was "attacked" and suffered injuries to his shoulder that he was seen the VERY next day throwing trash bags into the back of a pick up (no problem with the hyper extended shoulder then) and also riding his harley... makes one wonder, also the fact that people saw what happened with Bruce Noble and told police that he was NOT attacked as he claimed to be.. Not a good way to get ppl over to the pro mine side...

    1. can you tell me how many days in the hospital and how much work the person who had their camera grabbed by the anti mine protestor missed?

      Is that the bar we are using now ? exactly how hurt someone is?