Friday, July 26, 2013

What Is Paul Ryan Doing?

By Jeff Simpson

We wrote the other day about how no one knows where Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) is, because he is only scheduled to work 9 days in the next two months(give him a break, he only makes $174,000/yr what do you expect from him?)!  

However, we can NOW answer the question - What will he be doing on his extended vacation?   

Why Spying on you of course! 

The House of Representative tried to defund the NSA's spying on Americans programs but the bill was narrowly defeated thanks in large part to republican leadership and Wisconsin's very own Paul Ryan! 

The bill, sponsored by Michigan Republican Representative Justin Amash, would have defunded the NSA’s bulk collection of records on millions of Americans and limited the collection to the records of people under investigation for international terrorism or foreign intelligence.

 Amash tweeted, “We came close (205-217). If just 7 Reps had switched their votes, we would have succeeded. Thank YOU for making a difference. We fight on.”
YES!  You read that right. Fiscal conservative, tea party hero,  small government loving Ayn Rand disciple Paul Ryan has decided to  keep spending massive amounts of taxpayer money to secretly and illegally, spy on American citizens.  

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