Saturday, July 13, 2013

al Qaeda Ninja Terrorist From Outer Space

On Thursday, my brother in dissent, Jeff Simpson, pointed out to the way that the right wing nut jobs were trying to conflate an incident in which a protester was - gasp! - yelling at the miners and make it seem like it was something more than it was.

Holy terrorism, Batman!

But this was not enough for the more whackier of the right wingers.

Charlie Sykes, with his White Wisconsin radio show, was not satisfied with just calling the protesters terrorists or eco-terrorists.  Oh, no, he had to take it to a slightly higher level by saying that the protesters dressed like al Qaeda terrorists.  Sykes kept repeating and stressing the phrase "al Qaeda terrorists."

This was not a coincidence.  Sykes kept reinforcing the false comparison of a protester yelling at the mining company lackeys to a organized, murderous terrorist group to drive the people to fear and to anger.  That way, when the people were all riled up, it would make it easier for them to justify any acts of violence from the mining company or their Pinkertons.

In a small piece of poetic justice, Scott Walker blew up all the hard work of fear, smear and propaganda the right was doing when he came out with this:
“The irony is,” Walker says, “the angst seems to be focused at the company and not at the people who came in masked like ninjas on personal property violating the law by trespassing in a place they have no right of being and physically accosting people.”
So now the protesters are not merely eco-terrorists, nor are they more fearsome al Qaeda eco-terrorists, but they are the dreaded al Qaeda ninja eco-terrorists. All we need is MacIver or Media Trackers to claim that they are also from outer space.

The paper was quick to point out that while the land was private, it also was subject to public access as the mining company benefited from lower taxes.

At the end of the article, they again cite Walker as he further buried his own cause:
In a statement Friday afternoon, the governor says these extremists — who are disrupting work and causing harm to law-abiding employees — should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Walker says he spoke with the Iron County Sheriff to offer any assistance that may be needed. He adds, the laws of Wisconsin will be upheld.
It's really odd, in a sarcastic way, that Walker would mention that the laws of Wisconsin will be upheld.

Because no where did Walker mention that the Penokee Pinkertons, up her all the way from Arizona, were illegally traipsing around the woods terrorizing people.

But even more important to remember is that the mining law, which was written by the mining company, goes against the federal laws and contracts which allow the tribe to have a say on anything that would affect their land and water.  And the Bad River Tribe has made it abundantly clear that they are very seriously opposed to this.

If Walker was really serious about want to enforce the law, he should start following the law himself.

But that's as likely as there being al Qaeda ninja terrorists from outer space.


  1. Walker calling Wisconsin citizens who oppose mountain-top removal mining terrorists is just as over the top as me calling him a pedophile enabling politician, just because of his personal association with a couple long-time aides, whose hobby was trolling for teens in a porn-laden van. It wouldn't be right, so I'm not going to do it.

  2. Walker's stupid response proves 3 things

    1. "Divide and conquer" is still this guy's main governing philosophy.

    2. He definitely believes in the 21st Century GOP motto of "our rules don't apply to us." How else could he complain about protestors breaking the law without mentioning that GTAC's Pinkertons WERE ALSO BREAKING THE LAW?

    3. Once Scotty is bought, HE STAYS BOUGHT.

    By taking sides in the inflammatory, lying way he has, Walker shows once again that he is unfit for office

  3. Considering Walker, Sykes and their ilk called public school teachers “thugs” because they protested the unilateral removal of their bargaining rights and a sharp cut in take home pay, we should not be surprised that they call rowdy but non-violent protesters “al Qaeda.”

    They need to demonize protesters to justify G-Tac sending in jack booted thugs dressed like Central American Right Wing Death Squads.

  4. One more thing. Will Walker and Administration enforce Wisconsin law and not allow G-Tac's jack booted thugs from providing armed security for one year? Bulletproof Securities violated Wisconsin law when it did not apply for a license. The penalty under Wisconsin law is "Any person convicted of the above offense shall be ineligible for a license for one year." For some reason I expect Walker and his corrupt Administration to not enforce the law.
    "Penalties. Any person, acting as a private detective, investigator or private security person, or who employs any person who solicits, advertises or performs services in this state as a private detective or private security person, or investigator or special investigator, without having procured the license or permit required by this section, may be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 or imprisoned not less than 3 months nor more than 6 months or both. Any agency having an employee, owner, officer or agent convicted of the above offense may have its agency license revoked or suspended by the department. Any person convicted of the above offense shall be ineligible for a license for one year."

  5. Gogebic Taconite is run by a bunch of morons. Why did they not provide security for their geologists from the start? Did they not know that their plans to destroy the environment of the pristine wilderness around the Penokee Mountains are controversial? How could they not expect protesters? How dumb are the idiots who run Gogebic Taconite? Just because you are smart enough to bribe a corrupt governor and corrupt Republican politicians does not mean you have common sense.

  6. Frederika was interviewing a spokesmen last night on PBS. Not even two seconds after accusing Bob Jauch of over dramatizing things, He went into a ten minute rant about all"His" people were in danger from these "Masked" and dangerous terrorists. This is the teapublican way folks. Same chit different week

  7. This is beside the point, but does anyone else see how crappy is the writing of Walker's statement. "Angst"?

    1. Maybe Walker has been studying Kierkergaard lately? Or maybe the word is used to imply a hand wringing fearfulness in those he sees as opponents. I think it's the latter- he's no intellectual, but as a sociopath he feeds on making and watching people suffer.

  8. Typical of a Lefty. They are the ECO Terrorist Taliban shouting death threats and doing the ACTUAL damage and Taliban activities and they call conservative nuts. A LOSER will always be a LOSER. Get a job. Stop living off you mommy's and daddy's private parts. The Eco Terrorists want to kill everybody who work at the mine. They said so themselves. There is a video on how the Eco Nuts wants to kill and case damage to the mine workers. THE REAL ECO TERRORISTS TALIBAN NUTS.

  9. Eco Terrorist Nuts: why does the mining company have armed guard? We only want to cause massive property damage, bodily harm, and kill everyone who works at the mining site.

  10. Divide and Conquer is a Democrat thing. As always the liberal Eco Nuts are crazy they do the divide and conquer and blame it on conservatives. LOSERS. Lets all cheer the ECO TERRORIST TALIBAN who wants to KILL mine workers. I am stupid DAH.