Monday, July 29, 2013

The Koch Machine In The Courthouse

American Majority is a right wing front group, much like Americans for Prosperity or Club for Growth, who take money from people and groups like the Koch Brothers and the Sam Adams Alliance and launder it through to groups like Media Trackkkers.

And we all know that Media Trackkkers has a deplorable track record when it comes to reporting on anything.  Some of their best work included, "Oh my God, black people are voting!" and "McCarthyism is the way news should be handled."  And who could forget how Mr. Media Trackkkers, Brian Sikma, lied his face off about an alleged assault which never even occurred.  He was lying so bad that Charlie "I got nothing" Sykes was calling him out on it.

So obviously, American Majority is more worried about advancing their corporate agenda rather than tell the truth.

This is pretty well evidence by an article from the American Majority blog about Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, which should be categorized as fictional (or even farcical).

Deanna Alexander and
her boss, Emperor Abele
The article, which one can take as a early introduction into Alexander's aspiration to move on to a higher office, stumbles over itself quickly when it contradicts itself quickly.  In the first paragraph, they try to portray Alexander as some sort of reluctant hero (emphasis mine):
What prompts everyday Americans citizens to run for office to better their communities?  For Deanna Alexander, a mother of two in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, it happened when she attended her first Neighborhood Watch meeting and heard about an opening on the Milwaukee County Board and saw no one else was interested.
But just a few paragraphs later, they admit there was considerable interest:
Deanna not only won her three-way primary on February 21, 2012 with 42% of the vote, but she was elected to her position on April 3, 2012 with a solid majority (55%). But an independent thinker, who regularly seeks out her constituents’ perspectives, was not what the rest of the Milwaukee County Board was expecting. Deanna was placed on the powerful Finance, Personnel, and Audit Committee and ruffled feathers when she voted against a simple budget provision that would result in raised taxes, something she had promised her voters she would oppose.
So which one is true?  Was there no one but Alexander or was there at least three, forcing a primary?
Obviously, the answer is the latter.

The rest of this work of fiction was the conflation of her doing the bidding of Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele and making it seem like they were honorable deeds as they tried to build her up for a future campaign.

The one thing of interest is that the blog reports that Alexander attended one of their brainwashing education seminars about six months before the election.  Maybe that is where she learned it's easier to give up integrity and independent thought in exchange for campaign donations and other gifts.

Sources say that Alexander is planning on taking on State Representative LaTonya Johnson, who won her last election with 84.7% of the vote.

In preparation for that, Alexander has already been sending out feelers and drawing lines in the sand.

One of Alexander's early positions was her anti-gay rights stance.  To show her dedication to opposing equality, she drove dozens of miles to eat her fill of crappy chicken sammiches.  Such intestinal fortitude.

She also takes the corporate line of being against women's rights, going as far as accusing Texas' Wendy Davis of wanting to kill babies:

Next she'll be accusing Davis of eating babies too.

We also can't forget what a useful tool Alexander is when she allowed Emperor Abele's spokesman to put words in her mouth.  Then again, she did get richly rewarded by Abele and his fellow plutocrats at the Greater Milwaukee Committee when she actually had the County Board do a Suspension of the Rules so she could vote the way her boss wanted her to.  To round off her trifecta of ethically challenged missteps, she is now taking free legal services from a Bradley Foundation-sponsored firm.

These are things that make American Majority and Chris Abele appreciate Alexander so much.  She's just like a Koch machine.  You stick some money in, make a selection and she'll spit out a corrupted vote or play the useful stooge.

One might have thought that Alexander would have been bright enough to notice that selling your vote and selling out your constituents isn't very popular, as her good friends Jason Fields and Joe Rice could attest.  Then again, one might have also been overestimating her intelligence.

At least if she does choose to run, we will have the comic relief candidate for next year.


  1. "Useful stooge" is a good description for Alexander. But to be a useful stooge. Alexander first needed to be an ignorant bigot, which she is.

  2. Capper, great reporting, as per usual.

  3. Rep. La Tonya Johnson has nothing to fear from Deanna Alexander. If Alexander is thinking of running as a Republican, that won't work because the district is more than 80% Democratic (based on last year's vote totals for President Obama and Sen. Tammy Baldwin). If she is thinking about running in a Democratic primary against Rep. Johnson, that would be even more ridiculous because she is obviously no Democrat. Alexander might get more votes in a Democratic primary than as a Republican in the general election, but she would still have no chance.

  4. Alexander DID vote for the budget too during final budget votes & as far as being an "an independent thinker, who regularly seeks out her constituents’ perspectives" ummm Open Records Requests revealed her constituent contacts are abysmal sorry not that the contacts are but them driving Alexander's votes are. She should have run in Franklin.

  5. So, how do decent people work toward replacing her in office?