Monday, July 15, 2013

The Classy Wiggy

James Wigderson, the paid blargher/political hack whose work appears in such incredulous propaganda sites such as MacIver Institute (for the Criminally Insane) and White Wisconsin, strikes again with a post that pretty much epitomizes the right's attitude to the legalization of murder.

Wigderson would rather get his undies in a bundle about a kid lighting a blunt of what's left of an American flag than actually give a damn that a black kid was murdered in cold blood for new reasons other than being black and wearing a hoodie.  Nor does Wiggy care that the murderer has gotten away with it and that the vigilante will get his gun back so he can kill again.

I'd say the young man lighting his blunt has showed more class than Wiggy.

1 comment:

  1. Leaves me some questions?

    Why does he classify this kid as a member of the left? Has he looked up his vote registration? because he doesnt look like him? or is he just classifying anyone who is a minority as a member of the left? This kid exemplifies all the reasons why Wiggy has worked so hard to keep minorities from having a vote!

    Also I wonder how many pictures of Graeme does Wiggy have up in his office?