Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to Oceania - 2013

Photo: This is a photo of my friend Joan being arrested today.

"A total of 25 no permit citations were issued to 22 people, including three who received two citations, Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said. In addition, one individual received a disorderly conduct citation for spitting on a singer."

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Press release from Representative Chris Taylor:

Firsthand account from my friend Giles Goat Boy here:

Photo and quote from "Solidarity Singers Arrested in Capitol Rotunda,"
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By Jeff Simpson

 By now you have heard that Mike Huebsch, Scott Walker and Chief Erwin made a show of force today and arrested some of the Solidarity singers for doing what they do daily ----- sing!

Two Democratic legislators denounced this crackdown by Scott Walker’s handpicked police chief, David Erwin.

“Chief Erwin and Governor Scott Walker’s militant handling of the daily peaceful singing has escalated this situation unnecessarily,” said Rep. Chris Taylor. “The Capitol rotunda would have been much safer today had Governor Walker given Chief Erwin a little red rubber ball to play with in the corner instead of control of the entire police force. . . . This is the kind of heavy-handed police government you would expect to see in a Third World country, not here in Wisconsin. It must stop.”

State Sen. Bob Jauch was equally indignant.

“It’s just so unnecessary,” he said. “There are more important issues in the state of Wisconsin than as to whether people are singing. Since when is that threatening? You can bring in a gun in the capitol if it’s concealed but you can’t come into your capitol if you’re singing?”

H/T Rebecca Kemble for the video and pics.  She Deserves a Pulitzer!

Apparently Scott Walker's plan is working!   He truly is "Unintimidated"

Scott Walker and his divisive, ALEC infused politics is SOLELY responsible for the huge divide in our state.  ONLY two people can stop this now and bring our state back together - 1;. Scott Walker himself(not likely) and 2.  The Voters in WI in 2014!  

This is not my Wisconsin.  

PS:  Now would be a good time for the Mary Burke's, Mark Harris's and anyone else considering a run for Governor,  to step up and weigh.  This is NOT a left/right issue it is a Common Sense issue!  


  1. Michelle Litjens felt smug and satisfied that those horrible noisemakers were finally stopped. She felt the comforting lips of Robin Vos as they celebrated the triumph of Law and Order over those people. I wonder what her children think of this affair - the police crackdown of dissidents at the Capitol, not Michelle and Robin.

    1. I have a sudden vision of 19 legal singers serenading Robin and his 'Christian' Concubine Michelle with love songs. Yes, all is now 'right' in the Capitol.

    2. Dont you think, that for a love that strong there should be more than 19? I mean she gave up her assembly seat to spend more time with her family.....thats one dedicated committed woman!

    3. 19? Thought our future Guv would make sure that his choir would abide by rep rules. The other problem with your premise is finding more than 19 people that actually like him, although the collection of exes for both would certainly break the 20-rule.
      Free speech only applies if you are saying (and singing) words that they want to hear.

  2. This is outrageous! When will the people of Wisconsin wake up and push back against this? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So irritating. Welcome to Wisconsin, home of the 21st Century Tyranny!

  3. Cairo on the Mendota! If the troublemakers don't stop, then it is time to call in the military to restore Order!

  4. Watching the video of peaceful protesters being arrested brings tears to my eyes at the thought that this is what our state has become. And as a taxpayer I am outraged at the amount of money this must have cost for the extra police presence to try to stifle Free Speech.

  5. Now if we could just get rid of all public employees right to collectively bargain, public schools, and maybe Badger Care, Wisconsin could be a really sweet place to open a business.

  6. Welcome to Walker's Wisconsin, that HATE capitol of the United States. I shudder to think of what's next as more Solidarity Singers show up in Madison. I do not think it will be long before the order is given by the Governors office to escalate the arrests to violence against the Solidarity Singers.

    Wonder which officer will be the first to beat up an 80 year old woman whose only "crime" is to stand witness against the tyranny of Governor Walker? Or will it be a group of officers enforcing the law?

    I am ashamed of what Wisconsin has become in only two years.