Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Three Questions On WEDC

From Mike Tate, head of the WisDems:
Following the signing of Assembly Bill 179 into law today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement.

“It’s well-documented that Scott Walker’s flagship agency has been riddled with scandal since its creation. Today’s bill signing may seem like a step in the right direction for our resident Presidential candidate-in-waiting, but in reality, it only raises more questions about what’s been taking place while Walker’s been off running for president.

“Given that the commonsense provisions of AB 179 weren't law before today, every taxpayer in Wisconsin deserves an immediate answer to the following questions:

“1) How many times have WEDC members or employees failed to recuse themselves from dealings with Wisconsin companies in which they had a financial interest?

“2) Specifically, have WEDC members or employees with a controlling stake in a company negotiating, bidding for, or entering into a contract with WEDC done so without any oversight to guard against favoritism and protect taxpayer dollars?

“3) How many agreements has WEDC entered into with an entity in which a WEDC board member or employee has a controlling interest?"
The question Tate forgot to ask is how long till the whole corruption machine is shut down and dismantled for good.


  1. I have been trying to raise awareness about this issue for quite awhile. Who within this Agency has been held accountable for the unauthorized purchases? Specifically any names who allowed this? All of the credit Card purchases, How much in total? Has the 8.6 mil in HUD Fund's been accounted for? Who authorized that transfer, And why would that person quit? I look at this situation and make comparisons similar to Gov McDonnell of VA. In that case, What started with just a wedding has developed in to much more, I think the same probably can be said for this failed Agency. Keep digging and follow the Money.

  2. I'm sure this law still allows awarding tax dollars in exchange for campaign donations to the head of the board. i.e. The Gov