Thursday, July 11, 2013

Terrorism or Not Terrorism

By Jeff Simpson

AFP-Wisconsin, our resident Koch brothers Shrill group, is now carrying water for Chris ClineLuke Hilgemann will sell out to anyone.    Today on facebook they posted the youtube video of a protestor in Northern Wisconsin, swearing and pulling a camera from someone who worked for the mine.   They posted it with this caption:

Only one way to describe this - Eco-terrorism.

So lets break it down for Luke.

[ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPAnoun

1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2.the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3.a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.


Definition of ECOTERRORISM

1: sabotage intended to hinder activities that are considered damaging to the environment
2: political terrorism intended to damage an enemy's natural environment

if you look up the items needed to Mine our pristine Northwoods, no where is a camera part of the essential items.    So grabbing a camera from someone's hands is dumb it is NOT "ecoterrorism! 

So let us sum it up for you:

THIS is terrorism:

THIS is NOT terrorism:

If you insist that the above video IS terrorism, then this also has to be terrorism:

If you insist that the northern Wisconsin incident is terrorism, then THIS also has to be terrorism(PS- Santorum was AFP's guy):

Or Hilgemann is just a hypocritical partisan hack who brings nothing to the table.  


Update:  His buddy Parrots him - Bawk Bawk


  1. Then you must also agree that Supervisor Weishan's remark about "political genocide" was pretty ridiculous and over the top too, right?

  2. This is the justification Gogebic Taconite used to bring in masked thugs with military weapons? Over-reaction does not describe G-Tac's lunacy of intimidation. Go back to Florida and Arizona where you belong, you thugs! Actually Guatemala is where you belong. But leave those people alone as well.

  3. Those vulgar unemployed Madison thugs were not only intimidating Gtac employees, they were also kicking down the silt fences designed to protect the woods.

    Not only are they vulgar a-holes they are destroying the woods to boot.

    It's obvious Gtac needs armed patrols or they will have OSHA and MSHA on their Backsides for not protecting their workers.

    Remember; No mine, no metal...

    1. The protesters were idiots who hurt their cause. But that is no excuse for G-Tac to bring in jack booted thugs. G-Tac should have had security - from Wisconsin - as soon as the geologists started their test drilling. They should have known their mine plans are controversial.

      We will have plenty of iron if the Gogebic Taconite mine is never built. Iron ore reserves are abundant in already developed mines.
      “U.S. resources are estimated to be about 110 billion tons of ore containing about 27 billion tons of iron.”

      The U.S. consumes a little over 100 million tons of iron a year. That leaves us with a 270 year supply of iron in the USA. We could import the even more abundant foreign sources. No G-Tac mine will have no impact on iron availability.

    2. But it will have an impact on the local economy and that's the problem. There is a segment of this state that wants to promote failure so they can blame their demon Scott Walker. And they don't care who gets crushed in their political battles.

      Pretty sad...

      I read another excuse from a kill the economy so we can blame Scott Walker crowd. The ore is low grade. Well what the dumb A isn't smart enough to realize it that is is of a grade that is economically feasible to mine. And mining work is union scale, not minimum wage jobs that are for teenagers entering the labor pool.

    3. How many tourism jobs will the mine kill? Changing wilderness to the lunar landscape of a massive open pit mine is going to have a major impact on those who would consider going there for hiking, fishing, camping and hunting.

      Because there is low grade iron ore, G-Tac will have to maximize automation of its mining operations to have any chance at being economically competitive. That means few jobs will be created.

      Among the giveaways of Walker and the Republicans is they lowered the waste rock dumping fee from $7/ton to $.027/ton. That is not a typo. The waste rock dumping fee is 2 and 7/10 of a PENNY. This money goes into an environmental clean-up fund, which means the environmental clean-up fund will have pennies to clean-up the massive amount of toxic waste from the high sulfide content of the waste rock there. G-Tac owner Chris Cline’s disregard of environmental laws at his other mines means the people of Wisconsin, actually our descendants, will pay for G-Tac’s pollution.

    4. Anonymous at 3:31 AM wrote, “There is a segment of this state that wants to promote failure so they can blame their demon Scott Walker.”

      Scott Walker is the one who promotes failure when it comes to job creation.

      Walker killed high speed rail that would have created jobs building the rail lines as well as constructing the trains in Milwaukee.

      Walker killed wind energy and the dozens of companies that supplied the industry when Republicans passed legislation that stopped new wind farms from being developed.

      Walker and the Republicans specifically excluded life sciences and biotechnology from their venture capital bill. The University of Wisconsin at Madison is a leader in life sciences and biotechnology research. That is a rapidly growing industry with high paying jobs.

      This 19th Century thinking of Walker and Republicans is why Wisconsin lags in job creation. What backward thinking!