Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Hypocrisy Of Lena Taylor - The Trayvon Martin Edition

Bo Morrison
When the news came out that George Zimmerman got away with murder partially due to Florida's "Stand your ground" law, I remembered that we in Wisconsin have a similar law called the Castle Doctrine.  And it was this Castle Doctrine Law that was allowed the murderer of Bo Morrison go free.

Bo Morrison was a twenty year old black man that was shot and killed in West Bend about the same time that Trayvon Martin was murdered.  As with the Trayvon Martin case, Bo Morrison's murderer was able to get away with shooting a young black man, even though there were some questionable and suspicious behaviors from the shooter.

The biggest difference is that Bo Morrison's killer didn't even have to go to court.

I also remembered that State Senator Lena Taylor voted for not only the concealed carry law, but also voted for the Castle Doctrine that allowed Bo Morrison's killer go free.

I wondered what Taylor's reaction to Zimmerman getting away with murder was, so I checked her Facebook page.  What I found was not surprising, but still very disappointing:

If the gentle reader can't make that out, she wrote:
Words cannot express my disappointment and concern about the Zimmerman case, and the constant trend of JUST LESS fairness, instead of Justice in our US court system - ESPECIALLY for people of color.
She couldn't even bring herself to mention Trayvon's name.

And then to complain about there being less justice in the courts - especially for minorities- was just too much for me.

She bloody well passed a bill that allowed Bo Morrison to be legally murdered and she is not complaining of less justice for African Americans?   She is as guilty as the man that pulled the trigger of the gun that killed Morrison.

If Taylor had any remorse or was feeling the least bit upset about Trayvon Martin's murderer getting away with it, she would have vowed to have the Castle Doctrine repealed.  Instead, she makes one lame quip without even mentioning Trayvon's name.

At the time of Morrison's killing, there were rallies and calls to repeal the Castle Doctrine, which like the law in Florida, is nothing more than legalized murder.  One of the most vocal opponents to the Castle Doctrine was then Representative Tamara Grigsby.

Interestingly, it came to light that Grigsby and Taylor do not have a mutual admiration relationship.  Wouldn't
it be wonderful to have a true progressive like Grigsby - or Mandela Barnes - take Taylor out in the next election?  Not only would the constituents in that district finally get some actual representation for a change, it would take one more seat away from the Republicans.


  1. It was in Slinger, not West Bend.

    1. That's like arguing between Cudahy and St. Francis.

  2. Not very well written. I didn't find her response to the Martin Case "a lame quip."

    Second of all, it's more than a stretch to blame her for Morrison's killing, it's really a disconnect of logic. Why not indict the people who voted for her for Morrison's death? And then blame their parents for giving birth to the people to who voted Taylor?

    You've done better work.

    1. Sorry, but the fact that she sold her constituents out for the past two years - including on the Castle Doctrine - incidents like Morrison's killing might not happen.

  3. State Senator Lena Taylor is a first-class hypocrite and sell-out.

    Thank you!

  4. Castle Doctrine had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to not charge the shooter in the Bo Morrison case. The shooter in that case had a strong and compelling self-defense argument that could not have been surmounted at trial. This self-defense argument was wholly independent of the new Castle Doctrine. I don't like the Doctrine either, and I think it should be repealed. Bo Morrison's death is not the argument against it though.

    - Lillian

    1. Bo Morrison was a boy shot and killed while unarmed, hiding on a porch after fleeing the scene when police busted a drinking party. When he was shot, he was hiding between porch furniture. He was unarmed and did not touch or threaten violence toward his killer. This is clear case of small town justice protecting the white property owner over the black youth. No charges, not even manslaughter, were made. Shame on our justice system, the press and responsible citizens for not investigating and righting this injustice.

  5. Oh I know quiet well that Lena and Leah talk. I saw the two texting each other while debating the budget bill and they were grinning towards each other when it came to the issue of voucher schools. Of-course Lena made some "half - iffy" comments against the bill, but still supports the idea of voucher schools. She winked at Alberta Darling also. As for Lena, she's a sellout.... just like Abele.