Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Tea's Turned Tepid

I can't recall enjoying a week as much as this one since the beginning of 2011 when Walkergate was just starting and the hope of justice and salvation seemed to be within reach.  This week, just like it did in those early days of 2011, not only took away what should have been a Teapublican victory lap, but actually knocked them back on their heels and reminded them that they are not invulnerable.

It started on Monday when Lady Justice and Lady Liberty tagged team Scott Walker and the Teapublicans.

First Governor Ultrasound got his wand bent when a federal judge issued an injunction against his legalized rape law.  And it did not look like Walker will have much luck getting it reinstated, based on what the judge wrote:
"There will almost certainly be irreparable harm to those women who will be foreclosed from having an abortion in the next week either because of the undue burden of travel or the late stage of pregnancy, as well as facing increasing health risks caused by delay," the judge wrote. "Since the state has failed to date to demonstrate any benefit to maternal health of imposing this restriction, there is no meaningful counterweight recognized by the United States Supreme Court to justify the act's immediate enforcement."
This was followed a few hours later as news broke that Walker received a second set back when the same justice informed Walker that yes, the First Amendment still applies, even in Fitzwalkerstan.  In fact, the judge's reasoning was so informed and the case against them that it actually penetrated Walker's thick skull enough that he is choosing to just accept this defeat - a rare feat in itself.

Continuing with the momentum, some grass roots groups in Wauwatosa did as they promised they would and delivered 4,300 signatures of people opposed to Citizens United.

The momentum continued to swing in the favor of the good guys, even in the far Northwoods, were the Penokee Pinkertons were terrorizing the good people there.  The crime mining boss laughed at calls to have his mercenaries pulled.

At the time, I questioned whether the jackboots were even here legally, since they are required to be licensed to operate in this state.  Apparently the right word got in the right ear and the press actually got to work and found that the thugs were indeed not licensed and the mining company had to pull them back after all.

In the meantime, they ruined their public image and showed that their greed will compel them to no ends, including the use of violence.

The next thing in this three day streak was when Milwaukee County Emperor Abele found out that the emperor's new clothes are not what he thought they were and that (most) people were not cowed by his wealth and were not going to roll over for him.

Abele had issued a series of vetoes and proposals that would have exploited workers, abandoned the most vulnerable citizens, screwed over taxpayers and perpetuated the tradition of corruption in the county executive's office.  The County Board again had to be the adults in the room and again fire the inept and unethical corporation counsel, keep Abele's hatchet woman from forcing the county's most vulnerable citizens into unsafe situations by closing the mental health complex and ensuring that the county's rights are protected by hiring competent attorneys.

The most amazing part of this latest saga was when Abele, in mid-temper tantrum, came up with this doozy:
The board sealed its firing of Walker through a 13-5 vote to override Abele's veto of an earlier board vote. Abele labeled that move "unethical" and unprecedented.
In Abele's world, firing an unethical employee is unethical.  And we are allowing him to stay in office why?

The Teapublicans' horrible, awful, no good, couldn't get worse week continued when Congresswoman Gwen Moore let the secret out of the cellophane bag:
The politician who beat Scott Walker in his first run for elective office said Wednesday that the Wisconsin governor doesn't have a chance to become president in 2016.

In fact, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, a Milwaukee Democrat, said that if Walker decides to run, he wouldn't even get through the Republican primaries.

"I've known him a really long time and I think he would lose," Moore said during a 45-minute telephone interview with Journal Sentinel editors and reporters. "I think he has a lot of self-confidence, with the emphasis on self."
To top it off, all of this happened in just the past three days.

As I have said at the beginning of this post, it's been a long time since I've felt this good and this hopeful.  I kind of like this feeling and I hope it sticks around for a long time - or at least 16 more months.


  1. We still need a strong candidate to run against the corrupt and incompetent Scott Walker.

    1. ROTFLOL...

      When yo have a problem finding someone who can successfully run against a corrupt and incompetent governor, you have an even bigger problem.

  2. Those photos of the GTAC gun-thugs went viral on the internet and served to take the story national. Many thanks to their idiot CEO for making this possible. Hubris strikes again.

    1. Yes Felon eco-terrorists blocking job creation and future recreation in an economically depressed area. Might end up with this when mine pays out.

    2. Sulfide ore, when exposed to oxygen and water produces sulfuric acid. The Teabagger-terrorists and that bought-off, terrorist-enabling Mayor of Hurley can fantasize drunkenly about a pristine recreational lake but it isn't going to happen.

    3. Gogebic Taconite is going to kill as many tourism jobs as mining jobs it creates. The vast open pit mine will leave an ugly scar on the landscape and certainly pollute the groundwater. Chris Cline, owner of G-Tac, has a history of thumbing his nose at environmental regulations. Or Wisconsin armed guard licensing.

      Proposed Gogebic mine owner has groundwater problems in Illinois operation

  3. Replies
    1. Excellent choice!

    2. You got it! Her or Jauch would bring the truth, and " Unintimidated" Scotty would shrink on sight.

  4. Still need to get the Voting machine out of the GOP control

  5. To the tools that think we will end up with a recreational lake in the end. It will never happen. I am from the Iron Range of Minnesota and yes we have lakes made from old open pit mines. But it took 40 years for them to be made and it was a joint effort between the mining companies and the DNR. There also is a project called the IRRRB and this is paid for by the minings companies. What this does it takes money provide by the mining companies and improves the communities of the range. Bring them services like city sewer, water and asphault streets. This will never happen here because our mining bill is a gift to the mining companies instead of a fees paid by the mining companies to the state.

  6. "i think he has a lot of self confidence, with the emphasis on self." translation - he's a megalomaniac.

  7. Not to mention we coulda stooped the low wage hotel in Waukesha if your pal haas coulda know...voted!
    In the restroom? Must be more to that story!