Monday, July 22, 2013

Dennis Smith - The Sequel

By Jeff Simpson

For those who do not remember Dennis Smith the is a quick refresher!

Dennis Smith was appointed by Governor Scott Walker to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health Services on January 3, 2011. The agency is responsible for Wisconsin Medicaid programs which provide health care and long-term care services to more than 1 million enrollees, operates four mental health facilities, regulates state hospitals and coordinates the public health response for the state of Wisconsin.

In addition to his state and federal government service, Secretary Smith has worked as Managing Director of Medicaid Practice at Leavitt Partners, a partnership that advises clients in the practice areas of health, environment and trade. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C. think tank(term used loosely).
Smith has a Master's Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University and completed his undergraduate work at Illinois State University. Smith and his wife Laurel have four daughters.

Dennis Smith now is known for two things in his time in the Walker Administration. The first being he wants to destroy Medicaid (and with the help of Scott Walker he looks like he is going to be successful in that) and using Wisconsin taxpayer money to hire his high school crush and bring her to Madison.

It seems as though Mr. Smith, when interviewing for the position of chief legal counsel, interviewed a total of one candidate.    Working in the back yard of one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, Mr. Smith felt that no one in Wisconsin could possibly do the job as well as someone that he allegedly, once took to senior prom in high school.    Apparently she looked good enough in her dress that night that she did not need to be practicing law at the time nor have any working knowledge of WI.
When news of his affair was made public(which you heard here first), Smith, like the recreant he is, turned tail and ran to Washington DC.

Like an annoying stain, the truth eventually comes out with time.   This time the truth backs up what we originally reported on CogDis-

Dennis Smith is a debaucher and YOU and I paid for his dalliances! We, the taxpayers of Wisconsin, paid for him to hire his crush, paid for him and her to have state funded cell phones, computers, offices and office hours(away from their spouses) to carry on their rendezvous!

The Judge himself in the case said logic dictates there was an affair by reading the emails:

 Mary Spear and Smith have denied an affair, although a Dane County judge has said emails between the two would lead someone to believe there was an affair.

See the charges were dropped from the most insidious claim against Mr. Spear(think that would have happened if he were truly guilty?) and he plea bargained on some lesser charges(he always admitted he had a role in the mess).  It seems that Mr. Spear, while originally made out to be an animal to save Dennis Smith's Ass, was in the end, the only one in the whole incident  who actually took responsibility for his mistakes and errors in judgement!   While love makes people do crazy things at times, but it appears from here, that Mr. Spear was the good man that Mrs. Spear said that he was and it is too bad in a time of need, that Dennis Smith used his position to benefit himself and not his long time "friend". 

With the lack of ethics in the Walker administration, and the absolute incompetents he has been known to appoint, the only thing surprising that came out of this mess, was that Scott Walker did not promote him and give him a raise!

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  1. Dennis the Menace

  2. Dennis Smith's professional behavior is appalling and his political beliefs are both destructive and elitist. Smith's actions in his personal life crossed enough into his professional life to make him appear unethical, at least in the Spear case.
    Smith's actions to destroy Medicaid may indirectly harm a great many people. Despite this, violence against women should never be tolerated. Ms. Spear faced a physical confrontation by her spouse and it is not for us to question the degree. Violence against domestic partners is wrong. What proof exists that it was exaggerated?
    However, I am thankful a discredited Smith can spread his poison elsewhere.

  3. The fact that he was not charged.....if you read my previous post it is all explained in detail.

    No one is advocating violence against women....however people should be outraged that smith preyed on a subordinate the way he did