Monday, July 29, 2013

Because We Can Trust Corporations To Police Themselves

Remember when Scott Walker tried to reassure us that it was OK to deregulate the state by saying it would create jobs and that we could trust companies to police themselves?

Yeah, neither do the people in Burlington:
OSHA fines Echo Lake Foods $150,000 after 27 safety violations found at Burlington and Franksville, Wis., frozen food production plants
And the people that used to work there are still waiting for their new jobs.


  1. That's Paul Ryan territory where they let the Magic of the Marketplace rule. Don't worry if there are a few less people who live long enough to collect Social Security.

  2. It's also Robin Vos's hometown. Strangely, he's been quite silent about this plant, both on this OSHA fine, and in trying to get the plant back online.

    Michelle not letting him out of the house? :P