Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting Away With Murder

One fateful night a year and a half ago, George Zimmerman thought he'd be a tough guy by becoming a one-man vigilante party.  He donned his gun and went out for a stint of "neighborhood watch."

In his patrol, Zimmerman saw a young man that was wearing a hooded jacket and eating Skittles.  Zimmerman immediately suspected this young man of being up to no good, for no other reason than the child was black.

Zimmerman, against advice from the police, started following the young man.  Not only did he follow him, but he confronted him, provoked him and attacked him.  The young man fought back.  It was only then that Zimmerman "felt afraid for his life" and pulled out his handgun.

Trayvon Martin died that night at the hand of George Zimmerman.

It was not a justified murder.  It was the act of a cowardly racist bastard.

But Florida has a "Stand Your Ground" law, which we have learned apparently means that you can legally provoke someone to the point of getting them to act so that you can shoot them.

In other words, it let's one get away with murder.

As long as your white.

A black woman who fired a gun in real self defense against her abusive husband had just been sentenced to 20 years in prison, even though she didn't even hurt anyone.  When she claimed the "Stand Your Ground" defense, she was quickly denied this.  Her problem was that she didn't have the right skin color or the NRA-sponsored attorney's to defend her, like Zimmerman did.

And if there was any doubt that this was about race, look at some of the early reactions from the idiots that came out in support of Zimmerman.

My most sincerest hope is that the family of Trayvon Martin takes Zimmerman to court for wrongful death so that Zimmerman cannot profit off of his murderous ways.  My next most sincere home is that Zimmerman lives long enough to pay them.


  1. Capper, thanks.

    Plaxico Burress got two-years in jail for shooting HIMSELF in the leg.

  2. Very well written. It is extremely sad. There is no question about it: This was about race, and laws that promote racist acts to go unpunished.

  3. I agree Zimmerman was guilty (manslaughter most likely) but the stand your ground law was never applied in his case. He chose not to have a stand you ground hearing.

  4. This article is accusing Zimmerman with no facts. The facts were brought out in a court of law. The only race issue is this article accusing someone of doing something for racial reasons when a jury unanimously found the opposite. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and this author are using the race card again for their advantage.