Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Audrey Seilor Redux

By Jeff Simpson

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it,"

Let's revisit Madison,  summer 2004 and a young college student named Audrey Seilor made national headlines because she was abducted.  The only problem though was she was NOT abducted and she paid a heavy price for that(emphasis mine). 

University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore Audrey Seiler disappeared for four days in March 2004 before walking out of a marsh on the south side of Madison, Wis., where she claimed to have been held hostage by an armed man. The investigation into Seiler’s abduction, which cost nearly $100,000, turned up a knife in the marsh where she’d been “found.” It also turned up a videotape that showed Seiler buying a knife, duct tape, rope, gum and cold medicine before she vanished. Her story quickly unraveled and police learned the kidnapping was a hoax designed to get the attention of Seiler's boyfriend. She ended up pleading guilty to two counts of obstructing an officer. Seiler received three years probation, during which she had to pay $250 monthly restitution to the Madison Police Department and seek mental health help.

'Balloon Boy' and 8 Other Outrageous Media Hoaxes

 Fast Forward to present day and we see that Mike Huebsch and Scott Walker are channeling Audrey Seilor(without the consequences)!

Everyday a group of Wisconsinites, peaceably meet in the Rotunda of OUR State Capitol and sing songs during the lunch hour.   We also know that since Chief Erwin took over the Capitol Police, they have been getting issued citations and tickets for assembling peaceably(First Amendment be Dammed)!

We also know that of the hundreds of tickets issued, I do not believe any have actually stuck yet.  So the Walker/huebsch duo have wasted police time, police materials, people's time, court time, judge's time, DA's time, court materials to give out tickets that they knew would not stick at a tremendous cost to the taxpayers, all in the name of shutting down free speech.   

To make matters worse, they have even sent Capitol police out past their jurisdiction to issue tickets, thus costing the taxpayers, gas, wear and tear on police cars and extra man hours. 

As you will find on CogDis, But wait there is more.  They have even issued tickets for holding a sign during a blood drive that said "give Blood, Give Life"(honestly)

But WAIT, there is more.....the DOA, run by Mike Huebsch, is spending upwards of $5000 a month to spray WASHABLE sidewalk chalk off the sidewalks!

Thousands of tax payer dollars a month, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, all to stifle a handful of Wisconsinites from vocally disagreeing with the Government!   I hope that Ms. Seilor's attorney could use this to get her record expunged! 

I also hope that Ms. Seilor ws able to get the help she needed and that instead of capping limits to how many people can gather in the Rotunda, U.S. District Judge William Conley would order that Scott Walker and Mike Huebsch are ordered to pay $250 a month restitution and seek mental health help!

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  1. Thanks for the Carl Gibson clip. Not too long ago, he put together the research and wrote one of the all-time great commentaries, on an issue that should be included when anyone talks about "not remembering the past" and being "condemned to repeat it."