Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sanctimonious Salamanders

By Jeff Simpson

Yesterday we brought you the pure unadulterated hypocrisy of the Governor and the Journal Sentinel showing unbelievable outrage towards Ryan Braun for lying to the public.    

Today, as expected, there is so much more.  

1.  We start at the top with the biggest hack in Wisconsin - Christian Schneider:

 Even after getting popped, Braun has apparently learned nothing, as his prepared statement on Monday was equally smarmy and oleaginous. "I realize now that I have made some mistakes," he wrote, as if some mad scientist cooked up the concepts of "lying" and "cheating" in a test tube last week. "I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions."

 But Monday's revelations about Braun expose him as a thief as well as a liar and a cheat. And his burgling of home runs and salary alike could affect baseball in Milwaukee for a decade.
Not ONLY is Schneider, a servant of the Bradley Foundation, he is a known liar, who was one of the most viciferous conduits of misinformation in the Kyle Wood fiasco.   Yet his way of a mea culpa when Wood was exposed as a fraud was to delete all stories pretending it did not happen.   Mark Pocan and his husband are still waiting for a public apology!   I wont even get into his defense of a well known woman abuser!  

2,   Another Bradley servant, Kevin Binversie who thinks the biggest thing to come out of the Braun suspension is it makes the democrats look bad.

 a) Will state Democ­rats try to embar­rass them­selves as they did last year, when they tried to pull the Braun saga into the Walker recall?  (Time will tell.)
This of course is the same Kevin Binversie whounexplicably libeled and smeared a fellow blogger, and championed shooting recall petitioners and wished for the death of Mark Pocan.   

 3.   Finally Dave Blaska, took time out from venerating daily his love for Scott Walker, to tell us how bad Ryan Braun is.  

The real gravamen of the case against Ryan Braun is the lying, the dishonesty. Ryan Braun is a liar.
Say Whaaa??? 

4.  Jimmy Wigderson, no preview of his post because I morally cant support White Wisconsin, another Bradley Employee also weighed in!

The Foibles of the ridiculous James Wigderson are well documented, here and here!   It appears that his hypocrisy is the only thing that exceeds his lies or his ego!   

These four talking about Ryan Braun being a liar, would be akin to Kim Kardashian tweeting "NO Justice" after the George Zimmerman was declared not guilty for hunting down an unarmed boy!

The Sanctimonious Hypocrisy of the right, gets wearing at times!   


  1. Please don't climb the bell tower until September. There's a pool.

  2. WOw....a semi witty remark. yet done anonymously. trying to figure out which of the four had it in them.

  3. Does it matter? (OpenID just wasn't working for me, yesterday.)

    I just realized this morning, reading the most-read post at Alternet:

    ...that the Ryan Braun story is like a rohrshach, or a glass-half-full/half-empty test of who fits where, in their world views.

    The ESPN blatherer who averred Ryan was "worse than Lance Armstrong" probably never felt better about his guy, than when Armstrong was riding around the Crawford Ranch with the previous occupant of the White House. So when the opportunity came along to smear "the Hebrew Hammer" (sorry, but that's the best nickname I could find for Braunie on the web), he jumped at it.

    "You're On Your Own," is what Teapublicans always like to say, when they're assigning blame or declining responsibility. In this case, declining to assign any responsibility to the multibillion dollar professional sports industry, as a whole, or the massively distracted bread-and-circuses American fans of the game, who create pressure on athletes to perform, so that the fans will keep coming out to games and subsidizing all of the glory.

    Anyway, here's the cut-and-paste from Henry Giroux at Alternet. He's not writing about Braun, or any one individual, just pointing out how increasingly uncommon it is for the media to consider nuance or wider context, or show any real empathy, for those who get caught up in the News Cycle, like victims of industrial accidents:

    "...Public problems collapse into the limited and depoliticized register of private issues. Individual interests now trump any consideration of the good of society just as all problems are ultimately laid at the door of the solitary individual, whose fate is shaped by forces far beyond his or her capacity for personal responsibility. Under neoliberalism everyone has to negotiate their fate alone, bearing full responsibility for problems that are often not of their own doing..."

    A little dense and wordy (whole lot of foot-noting goin' on), but many good points made.

  4. The best account I have seen on Braun and the one I agree with the most is here _

    Yes i agree he has turned into a rohrshach test, its interesting to see. And an interesting discussion to have.

    HOWEVER, my posts have been to point out the pure hypocrisy of people who lie for a living upset and shocked that Ryan Braun would lie about his drug tests.....

    I am speaking more to their lack of character and unbelievable irony than the Braun situation.

    Also sorry for the comment, I thought it was one of the four i wrote about here to snipe and not debate!

  5. When you write "lie for a living," Jeff, do you feel compelled to cite actual examples? Or must your political disagreement with those writers suffice. Would a lie, for instance, be repeating that a former State Assembly speaker is a "convicted felon," when the state appellate court has overturned that felony conviction? Or should we ignore the higher courts and invent our own facts?

  6. Ive actually linked to numerous instances within the post. It helps to read it.

    I agree, it was nice of Jensen's friends in the legislature to create a law that allowed Jensen to judge shop until he found his ole friend in Waukesha to let him go scot free.....

    If only Ryan Braun had been afforded the same opportunity.

    FYI- i dont consider you in the category of the other three.....unless your getting paid under the table by the Bradley peoples!

  7. Yes, I know, Jeff; you think all of Wisconsin should be tried by a Dane County judge. BTW: I'm proud to be included with Schneider, Wiggy, and the K-man. Now you can tell us why Soros-funding is sacrosanct.


    Im glad you like being grouped with the far right extremists...they did Kyle wood proud.

    By the way has Soros ever even been in WI?

  9. I'll bite. Has he? Have the Koch Brothers?

  10. They opened up an office right across from the Capitol.... and you call yourself a political pundit?

    1. Blaska only knows how to parrot what big-wig right wing propagandists spew.

  11. I am a big-wig right wing propagandist. I spew, others gather. Cry to momma if it makes you feel better.

    1. More accurate description would be glorified troll.

    2. Blaska is far more full of it, as well as full of himself, than I ever imagined.

      Blaska, was that you who came up with calling public school teachers "thugs?" Because if that was not your idea, then that means you parroted what some other right wing propagandist spewed.

  12. I think big wig might be you given ng yourself an unearned promotion.