Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CXC

It's funny how Scott Walker and the corporate media have such selective memories and tunnel vision in certain areas, such as ratings:
But the new 2013 CNBC ranking which came out last week showing Wisconsin falling back to No. 22 was scarcely mentioned in state media.

There was no press release from Walker’s office, nothing from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, although the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation did issue a statement noting the state stayed in the top 25.

Of course, most observers take these rankings with a large grain of salt. The scorecards exist mainly to generate some free publicity for the group releasing the report. When the rankings are good, they also provide a nice sound bite for an publicity-hungry Governor or Mayor.

But depending on who is doing the survey, business climate scorecards are usually heavily weighted toward cost of doing business while ignoring other factors, like how much people make or whether they get any benefits with their job.

For example, CEO Magazine has moved Wisconsin from 43rd to 17th over the past two years — a ranking widely touted by Walker. That survey is not based on any actual data — solely on written responses from corporate executives based on their own perceptions, i.e., how much state income tax will I have to pay.

Conservative Forbes magazine has its own business scorecard often cited by the media and elected officials. Walker never mentions that survey, however, since it shows Wisconsin at No. 42.
My father had a plaque on the wall of his den that said "When I did ill, I heard it ever. When I did well, I heard it never."

In Walker's den, besides life-sized posters of the Koch Brothers, Walker would have one that said "When I did ill, we ignored it. When I did well, well, that never happened so we lied about it."


  1. Forbes putting Wisconsin at #42 says it all that Walker's business policies fail.

    BTW, Walker's venture capital legislation specific prohibits funding to companies involved in life sciences and biotechnology. Considering UW-Madison's leadership role in life sciences and biotech research, Walker is grossly ignorant to block capital for those fast growing and high paying industries. Life sciences and biotech could be foundations for a new, stronger Wisconsin economy.

  2. Walker's policies have created "security jobs" at the Penokee mine site in northern WI.

    UNFORTUNATELY the jobs did not go to locals. And when the out of state (AZ) workers arrive they were wearing tactical gear and carrying auto/semi-automatic weapons. Additionally they were NOT licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

  3. Is RoJo calling Walker a second class citizen? or that he should go to vocational college?