Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AFSCME President Lee Saunders To Join Solidarity Singalong On Wednesday

Good news from the inbox:
AFSCME Sisters and Brothers,

Wisconsin citizens launched the biggest public uprising in state history when Scott Walker
“dropped the bomb” on worker rights.

The spirit of that uprising continues today.

It lives on in our hearts and it rings out daily in our state Capitol, thanks to the Solidarity Sing Along.
Even as Walker directs his palace guard to arrest grannies, veterans, firefighters and union members for the “crime” of singing – songs of freedom continue to ring out, just as they have every weekday since March of 2011.

On Wednesday, AFSCME International Pres. Lee Saunders will join the Capitol chorus.

Pres. Saunders will deliver a strong reminder that the whole nation is watching.

And as our union has shown all along, Pres. Saunders will demonstrate once again that we are never alone in the fight to win back our rights.

Wednesday’s noon hour Sing Along is outside the Capitol on the State Street steps.

As always, all are welcome.   And it would be especially great to have a sea of green shirts welcoming Lee Saunders back to Wisconsin.

Come sing.  And bring your best green t-shirt!

In solidarity,

Jim Garity, President
AFSCME Council 40
Paulette Feld, President
AFSCME Council 24
Brian Stafford, President
AFSCME Council 48
And speaking of AFSCME and the Solidarity Singalong, don't forget that Milwaukee's own Council 48 will be hosting a fund raiser for the SSA fund on Saturday, September 28:
Gov. Scott Walker and his new capitol police chief may not like them, but the Solidarity Singers deserve your support. They’ve been gathering each weekday in the Capitol (you know, the People’s House, the one that Walker would like to sell off to a corporation) and singing protest songs ever since Walker tried to bust public employee unions. This summer, they decided to ignore a judge’s ruling that requires groups of 20 or more to get a permit. Why? Because they don’t believe that Americans must get a permit from the very government they are trying to protest.
Not surprisingly, Walker et al. have ordered a clampdown
Which is why AFSCME DC 48’s Sept. 28 Solidarity Sing-Along Fundraiser deserves your support. 
The suggested minimum contribution is $10 per person, which includes complimentary food and drink. Proceeds will go to the defense fund of the singers and protesters. 
See you there!

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