Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kevin Binversie's Dating Profile


By Jeff Simpson

Yes ladies!  Kevin Binvesie is Single and ready to mingle. 
This guy is a charmer who likes minor comic book characters, watching tv for hours and can talk a basic understanding of sports with you.  Binversie also has a great sense of humor, he likes to joke about shooting people who knock on his door and dead Congressmen.   Kevin is a laugh a minute.

  Unlike his hero Robin Vos though, there is no mention of Skinny dipping(sorry ladies).   However there is a real possibility, if the date goes well, he can get you a guest pass into "White Wisconsin" where he frequently takes his ridiculous rants.

There is however one caveat.  he despises women who are friendly, popular and intelligent.   Here he is talking about my friend Blue Cheddar:

Yes Ladies, call today....this one will not be on the market long!


On a personal note, Even though I make fun of Bradley Funded Wisconsin Reporter, they do occasionally(and surprisingly)put out actual news, which truly separates them from their step sisters at Maciver.  It is unfortunate that they diminish their brand to have such a ridiculous columnist as their only "opinion" writer.  


  1. He says he " left" Franklin last year?
    Is that like when he" left " kohler company?
    After they investigated his activities on company computers?

  2. What? No skinny dipping? Is there such a thing as fat dipping? Maybe Vos could loan out his concubine if the big guy gets a little lonely.

  3. Damn, he and Fred Dooley could be twins.

  4. Binversie could always date Robin Vos. They would make a rather nice "couple", don't you think?

  5. Binversie is not married though and Vos only likes married people