Friday, September 20, 2013

Gun Nut Robbed At Gunpoint

Yeah, let's let everyone carry guns! We need them to protect ourselves! Oh, wait....
A Milwaukee man found out the hard way that carrying a gun for protection doesn't always keep you safe. In fact, it may have made him a target.

The 34-year-old man legally owned a handgun and carried it out in the open in his holster for protection.

Neighbors say they knew he was always armed.

"It was kind of scary to just see him walking around all the time with that gun kind of just out in the open," said Shambria Mayham Autman. She lives near Teutonia and Good Hope and said they called him "The guy with the gun."

But it wasn't scary for at least one person who robbed "The guy with the gun" at gunpoint.

"I think he was trying to scare people off like, 'Yeah, don't mess with me,' kind of attitude, but it didn't work," Mayham Autman explained.
The story goes on to interview a gun nut group leader who said that this only proves we need more guns.

Yeah, I think he might have been sniffing to much gun oil.


  1. Here’s a great story about the glory of Concealed Carry.

    'Road rage' leaves two drivers dead

    Two drivers are dead after a "road rage" incident in the Ionia, Mich., area escalated into a shootout, WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids is reporting.

    Witnesses told the station that one driver was following the other too closely Wednesday evening shortly before 7 p.m. when the first driver pulled into a car wash and the second followed him.

    The driver of the second car then fired shots, and the first driver returned fire, leaving both of them dead, witnesses told the TV station.

    Both men had licenses to carry concealed weapons.

  2. My question: did the thief steal his gun? The story is reticent as to exactly what was stolen, which is unusual.