Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Working!

By Jeff Simpson

Remember Diane Hendricks, the star of this little movie:

The person who is Scott Walker's largest donor and skipped out on her 2010 taxes.

The person who flies Scott Walker to report to his Koch Brother bosses.  

Well it is WORKING for her!

 Diane Hendricks moved up almost 40 spots in the last year, on  America's richest 400 people list.
Forbes Lists
  • #142 in 2012



  1. Only the little people pay taxes.

  2. Looks more like it is Michelle Litjens. Now that would be an even bigger story!

  3. What's that Shakespeare quote,
    "Hell is empty and all the devils are here".

    Sums up the picture for me.

  4. Speaking of "It's Working"- Walker missed a golden opportunity to create add jobs in WI through the healthcare exchange marketplace with the practically unlimited federal funding to set up the exchange and train navigators who will assist people in understanding a purchasing health insurance. Instead, he's hell bent on setting up failure to the exchange while continuing to alienate and create additional hardship for the citizenry.

    Heck, with his magic bag of tricks, he could have proably found a way to siphon funds out of the program for his cronies to boot.