Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Will Not Give You Healthcare Sam I Am...

By Jeff Simpson

 "This is like taking a history class from Abbott and Costello." - Charlie Pierce on Cruz's "filibuster".

Tonight, Ted Cruz is taking part in an historic fake filibuster.  It is as fake as the grassroots portion of "tea" party.  The Canadian Cowboy is so adamanat that you do not have healthcare, that he has labeled anyone who thinks that Obamacare should not be defunded(most of the nation) as "nazi appeasers".

This is the guy that the really far right wing of the republican party holds up as some sort of Canadian super hero:


Check out what minor league right wing talk show host Tony Katz had to say about Mr. Canada:

We are witnessing our Republic in action. Thoughtful questions, honest answers, total transparency. No wonder @joanwalsh hates it. #DefundIt

I know your curious as to the wonder, that Northstar was giving the nation:

 Yes the hero to the right, is reading a story written by a true progressive about the idiocy of someone who is so stubborn all he can do is say no.

"Every time Ted Cruz talks about Christianity an angel coughs up blood."  John Fugelsang
 John Stewart couldn't pass up a shot at Cruz either:

At least John McCain likes him!  So does Peter King.


  1. The bogus filibusters are actually properly referred to as "filiblusters".

    2005 headline in the New Yorker:
    by Hendrik Hertzberg June 13, 2005

  2. I think the Koch creeper in the video should have the face of Scott Walker since he is all up in the women's junk in WI.