Friday, September 6, 2013

Where's Walker?

Lisa Kaiser of the Shepherd Express is wondering about what Scott Walker was doing on a certain day earlier this year.  Is there anyone that can help her out?
I’m going through Gov. Scott Walker’s use of the state plane this year.

And I’m scratching my head over his whereabouts on March 14, 2013.

The plane left Madison with a security guy and Walker’s deputy chief of staff, Scott Matejov.

They flew to Milwaukee, where they picked up the governor and his traveling press aide, Chris Walker (no relation, I’m told).

They then flew to Eau Claire, where Walker visited Premium Waters to announce its expansion and addition of 35 jobs.

The crew flew back to Milwaukee, and then the governor and his security guy flew back to Madison.

So, what was Walker doing in Milwaukee?

During the noon hour he attended a $250-a-plate political fundraiser with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the University Club.

I don’t know if he was in Eau Claire before or after the fundraiser.

I don’t know if he had any official business in Milwaukee that day. I can't find any information anywhere, and his spokesman hasn't responded to my question.

I do know that he was furthering his political ambitions. That’s a given.

So help me out. If you know why Walker was in Milwaukee—other than to Hoover up some right-wing money and pose for holy pictures with Christie—could you let me know in the comments section?

I would really hate to think that state taxpayers footed the bill for this junket.

Help me find Walker, OK?
I am shocked - shocked, I tell you - that Walker might have been doing something dishonest like using taxpayer money for political purposes. Right, John?


  1. Integrity at it's finest

  2. A secret conjugal visit with Tim Russell?

  3. Gareth, not russell, Brian Pierick

    And Brian's corrupt croneys at DPI are finding some homeless boys for walker to amuse himself with (sans clothes)