Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Crying Game of Christian Schneider

By Jeff Simpson

It amazes me, in an era where newspapers(for various reasons) are trying desperately to stay alive and relevant, yet they keep printing crap like "The Smart Set".   In an era where people are clamoring for real news, someone at JSONLINE decided it would be a good idea to pay, a paid WPRI, Bradley employee, to write propaganda in their pages. 

Recently, Schneider used his column space, to whine about a LTE written by our friend Scot Ross.  Ross was amazed, like many of us were, that Schneider had the temerity to champion blatantly racist Voter ID laws in a column about Martin Luther King Jr.

No. To chalk up Schneider's column last week as ignorance would be the same as excusing the Bradley Foundation — which funds the conservative think tank — that underwrote racist, voter suppression billboards featuring people of color behind bars that appeared in minority communities in the days leading up to the 2010 election.
Those billboards, which my organization and NBC's theGrio.com exposed as being financed with Bradley Foundation money, were designed to intimidate legal voters from casting their ballots. And they came back in 2012.
But just as these vestiges of racism were exposed and brought down by a dedicated group of community organizations and activists, so, too, will these fraudulent attempts to disenfranchise legal voters on the basis of their skin color.
Schneider and the Republican leadership know exactly what they are doing and to whom they are doing it when they manipulate the rules on voting, and there is no excuse for it. These despicable policies, the politicians who enact them and those who excuse them aren't engaging in "ephemera"; they're practicing racism.
Well Christian Schneider, who understands the pulse of the African American community, knows what is best for them.  According to Schneider, what is best for the African American community, is to eliminate approximately 5 million minorities from voting.   When Jim Crow is your best friend maybe its time to rethink your life!   

After an unreal rant, citing Heritage Foundation statistics that cutting people off the voter rolls, is a sure way to increase participation(yea still trying to figure that one out, but this is the same Heritage Foundation that can come up with a study on a moment's notice, that says Paul Ryan understand economics), says (you can not make this stuff up)

It was about how photo ID is a minor issue compared to the real problems facing minorities in this country.
So why should African Americans worry that the white republicans do not want them to vote?  The African American community had better spend their time worrying about poverty and the high unemployment rate in their community and leave the voting to the rich white guys.

And you wonder why and how ignorance, hate and bigotry gets passed on from generation to generation.

I have to admit though, I do not read Schneider's posts anymore since they are usually so full of SH*T that it is a waste of time.  So hats off to Scot Ross for pointing out Schneider's racism.

 Here I thought he was just a homophobe, sexist and liar.


  1. Comedian Christian Schneider is a comedian, first, and a polemicist and propagandist second.

    But what else could he be?

    Since he only has terrible arguments to make in support of his horrible causes, he has to rely on a rapid-fire gish gallop to mix current comic buzz words ("twerking," "embarrassment," "the wrong kind of mushroom") with funny stuff people wrote decades ago that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    It's a particularly disgusting kind of disinformation.

    Everybody likes a good laugh now and then but when the jokes are really on the reader, and the reader's gullibility (and/or naiveté), the end results are likely to be tragic -- Charles and David Koch (and the other high-rolling vulture pirates responsible for destroying the American economy and middle class, who generously fund media outlets like Schneider's) -- laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Jeff, thanks.

    I never comment on Schneider and the rest, absolutely never click on their content at the JS.

    Don't want to give them any traffic.

    When I have time, I do comment on their lefty writers.

  3. They have lefty writers?

  4. The problem is not that no-talent hacks like Schneider exist. The problem is that JournalComm gives him a platform to spread his BS and waste column-inches on.

    This is why we need balance in media rallies in 2014, because the real problem is JournalComm and their condoning of these hacks and the Bradley Foundation oligarchs that they front for.

  5. Just a few corrections:

    1) I am not an employee of WPRI or any Bradley funded organization, nor have I been for nearly a year. (The rest of that first paragraph is too mangled to decipher.)

    2) "Jim Crowe" is actually "Jim Crow." Perhaps you are thinking of "Jim Crowe's" work in Les Miz.

    3) Voter "roles" = "rolls."

    4) In using "yea," I think you mean "yeah."

    5) "Moments" needs an apostrophe at the end - should be "moments'"

    6) The lower case "republicans" should be capitalized as "Republicans."

    7) Not sure why "Sh*t" is capitalized.

    I'll send you a bill for proofreading this for you.

    1. It's 'Les Mis.' Also, who did "Jim Crowe" play in that production? I must have missed his performance.

    2. You're not an employee of any Bradley funded organization, and haven't been for over a year!?!

      Zut alors!

      So we are to assume that you, the dancing monkey (with the little red cap), and that portable crank-organ that you grind so relentlessly -- are all to be found on some street corner of our fair state?

      Poor but humble, earning an honest living playing the same song over and over again? (The words change, but the melody's always some variation on "The rich aren't rich enough, all American need to sacrifice for their sake.")

      Gimme a break. Who is the employer/contractee du jour?

      ....No -- wait, I got it -- you're L. Frank Baum's famous lever-stroking man behind the curtain. Whoever your new benefactor may be they started paying the J-S, discreetly, to engage you and put your garbage in print, for all the world to see, publicly?

      ...In any event, it doesn't really matter -- what you write or who's paying the freight cost for all the cargo loads of bilge.

    3. Really Chrissy? Tell us, who DOES sign your paycheck these days?

      And notice you don't have the guts to answer the criticism, just like the sheltered little wingnut welfare case we know you are

    4. Christian, I too would be interested in knowing the employers named on the W2s you file this year (sorry, W-2s?). I can't imagine JS and NR provide you with an income level to support the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. I, for one, don't believe for a minute that you are not still on the payroll of the far right powers that be.

  6. 1) "Bradley funded" should be Bradley-funded.
    2) It is Russell Crowe, not Jim Crowe.

    Where should I send that bill?

  7. Chris,

    Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the attempted assist. I am not paid for this stuff, so I try and fit it during actual work breaks. Its hard because there are so many of you, but we do what we can.

    1. so you keep doing ridiculous puff pieces like this for free and out of the kindness of your heart? http://issuu.com/wpri/docs/wpr004188/43?e=8095245/4168274

    You are a good guy!

    2. Thanks.

    3. thanks again.

    4. yea works for me.

    5. Thanks!

    6. I really try not to capitalize "republicans" because they have not earned it and it does a huge disservice to the actual Republican Party I grew up with.

    7 Thanks. It all needed to be capitalized and bolded because i've read your stuff for a while now and no other way to describe it!

    1. Jeff, I'm not just saying this because we write together. I can honestly say you're one of the best. This piece kicked ass. Also, I'm fine with yea too :P Good work as always!

  8. Ronald Reagan destroyed the mainstream media in this country when he eliminated the fairness doctrine and the equal time rule.

  9. Let my JS subscription lapse this summer. I appreciate the JS confirming my decision by announcing this horrible hire.

  10. I too dumped it and actively use C.S. " writing" to convince others to do the same, trust me, it works. The guys pushing subs at the grocery store are tired of hearing his name as my main reason to actively promote a boycott of their garbage rag. So keep it up I say and watch the sales continue to drop. Can get Shepard Express for free anyway.

  11. SCHISTER is a paid propagandist.

  12. If memory serves, Christian Schneider's background includes writing an unpleasant anonymous web log (unpleasant for anyone who wasn't the pseudonym he was working under anyway, forget what that name was), perhaps that was while he working for Republican State Senator Mary Lazich, and that this was during the era of certain legislators and Caucus staff being subject of investigations caused by GOP staffer Lyndee Wall going to reporter Dee Hall, for reasons that seem to be fading into memory, but maybe a bad breakup with a legislator.

  13. Now that you bring it up, Schneider... Go ahead, tell us who's paid you in recent years and for what.

    Are you engaging in some sort of Clintonian parsing that depends on what the meaning of "employee" is? Are we only counting remuneration that you reported on your taxes, or would gifts of hookers, beer, leather goods from Owen Robinson, or a backrub from James Wigderson count, too?

    Also, re: your head shots... Did you use the same photographer as Rick Esenberg? They did such a good job of making you look more handsome than you do in person.

  14. http://dennisyork.blogspot.com/2005/11/canonization-of-saint-lyndee.html

    Here's an excerpt of Christian Schneider writing anonymously some years ago as pseudonym Dennis York (at about the same time he was employed as a legislative aid)-- about the couple on the couch of Scott Suder and Lyndee Wall...urging we "do the math" about Wall becoming pregnant and conclude the female in the relationship was promiscuous or 'easy' while his commentary also emptily asserts "This post is not an attempt to smear wall" (really?):

    "Maybe the most notable crime against democracy occurred on November 30th of 2000 when the police were called to investigate Ms. Wall drunkenly trying to kick in window at Ken’s Bar near the Capitol after she found out her boyfriend, a Republican state legislator, was cheating on her. The relationship with the legislator reportedly ended in April of 2001, right about the time Wall decided to go public with the legislature's dirty laundry. (She apparently got over the relationship fairly quickly, seeing as how she now has a 3 year old son - do the math.)"